Covid19 Lockdown Baking Adventure! Whittaker’s Jelly Tip Brownies

Hey guys!
I haven’t done a video in ages! Ever since I gave birth to my second child in February and then lockdown happened, life has not slowed down! We’ve had so much to do and not enough time! Homeschooling and taking care of a preschooler who is mentally challenging plus looking after a newborn and adjusting to hubby working from home during lockdown is hard work! Anyhow this is the first time we’ve baked together in ages and hubby has just bought this fisheye lens for his phone so he’s happily playing with it and recording this video with it haha..We took the opportunity when my preschooler was sent to the grandparents and the baby was asleep to do this! Well he woke up just as we put it in the oven so you get to see him in the video too!
Hope you enjoy it!
FYI this is a brownie recipe from the official Whittaker’s website - I got the link from an email from them as I am a big fan and subscribed to their fan club haha..Their jelly tip chocolate only just came out in the shops in Australia!


P.S I fixed the broken link!

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