7 days of Menē!!

Hey Steemians and Menemaniacs!

I just checked my email and guess what I found?

I loveeee competitions and challenges like these where you have fun as well as potentially win something!

The biggest prize being a gold crown ring!!

I’m gonna login everyday to do them are you?

For anyone who doesn’t know what menē is, they sell pure 24K GOLD investment jewellery that is known for their transparent price that fluctuate according to the current spot gold price.
Gold is a secure and solid investment as you can keep it for generations to come and the prices are pretty stable!
Asians have done this for centuries!
I am currently on a harvest plan awaiting my first Menē Ring - coming in just over two weeks in time to celebrate 2020! So exciting!

A harvest plan means you pay a smaller amount per month up to a period of 9 months so that you don’t have to empty your wallet all at once! There are no interest fees and you get to secure the spot gold price at that time!

If you too would like to invest in some gold jewellery sign up with my referral link to get $5 credit!

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I hope you win @vincy!!

10.12.2019 01:10

Thank you!! 😬🤞🏻

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10.12.2019 01:11