Writing, Scifi and Mindful Living aka NanoWrimo Update plus Ayurveda Journey Update

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10.12.2019 19:46

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10.12.2019 20:01

Always assessing my bad habits. Constant work in progress!

I havent seen Mars yet. But I did watch Midsommar and I really liked it!

10.12.2019 22:15

Can't say I 'liked' Midsommar, although I enjoyed elements of it. The suicide part at the start felt like too much and the way they showed the horror / gore overall ( I prefer not to see that or it too look fake ). Have you seen the 1973 The Wicker Man ( that clearly inspired Midsommar)? I like that film so much more, for its suspense, slow build up and overall 1970s arthouse feel.

19.12.2019 10:54

Skipping European winter sounds like a great idea XD

Ahh talking about respective fictional worlds and associated technicalities, one of the things I love doing with my sister :)

Yay for breakthroughs! Habits umm my biggest one is the sleep thing >_>

11.12.2019 06:15

Nice to hear you do the same with your sister. My brother and I usually talk about movies, games/ gamemaking, writing and stuff we read.

I know about your sleep dilemma. Not an easy one to solve, with home schooling and you entrepreneuring plus all other stuff that happens in households


11.12.2019 17:09

You’ve been visited by @porters on behalf of Natural Medicine. Glad to hear you had a good visit with your brother! Happy to hear you had a breakthrough and are doing so much to keep yourself well and hopefully happy! Habits are so easy to fall into but not so easy to break but it's that being aware that is the first step!
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12.12.2019 03:13

Nice post, it's good you could begin reducing your anxiety for food. I have days and days, sometimes it's easy to keep the cool, other times I eat way more than I need to.

By the way, the link leads only to Discord and not the naturalmedicine server :(

12.12.2019 15:36

I can invite you, but I need your full name + # and four digits. You can also add me and then I'll invite you to the server: VincentNijman#5870

12.12.2019 15:47

fenngen#3397 added you!

12.12.2019 17:31