The Shitty First Draft - An Update on my upcoming novel: Hypersensitivosaurus


For the last two weeks, I have tried to get into editing mode, after having written 50,000 words in a month ( in November ) for the first time in my life.

I know I should stop the trying and just start doing it but I find it hard to figure out where to start.

My story is like a puzzle of 1000s of pieces, lying all over the floor in no particular order. Not just that, there's several pieces missing too and a lot of the puzzle pieces that are around, look very similar.

I guess I should just start with the edges :>)

I listened to a podcast yesterday, where a woman was talking about 5 things to deal with. One was being overwhelmed. The best thing to do in that case was just writing down 3 things that you aim to do with your day. It's better to finish 3 goals that are attainable then drowning yourself into a river of multitasking, not finishing any of the dozen of things that you started.

A couple of days back, I thought: I wish I could print everything I've written, so I can literally edit the pages ( in a visual way ), instead of cutting and pasting in a digital document.

But hey... the environment and all. Paper is made of trees and it might be recycled, I still try to use as little of it as possible. And then there's the ink that is needed. My twin sister has a printer, I just don't know if it contains any ink and if she has the paper available.

I wrote the above about a week ago but didn't share it with you. I'm doing it now.

Just before starting this write up, I listened to a podcast called "The Unmistakable Creative". ( the stormy weather makes me turn towards podcasts more, once again ).

I listened to this show loads, back in the days when I just got into podcasting ( a year or three ago ). It had moved to the background but I am happy I rediscovered it today. You might like it too, especially if you're a creative or interested in art and creativity.

The episode I just heard, talked about a contest called: "A Story a Day" ( in May ).

It was initiated by a writer, Julie Duffy, who was tired of not finishing her stories and felt like she wasn't the only one for whom writing a novel felt too far fetched.

Apparently there's a website called:

Just checked it out and so far I like what I see but I need to dive in it a little deeper.

Perhaps I should give this a try. Even if I just wrote an extremely short, crappy story on some days. Just to get my creative gears running again.

Let's be honest, we all write daily stories, we are all storytellers, it's just that most of them are very divided, as is our focus ( thanks to multitasking ). Our stories are shaped in the form of tweets and all kind of other short text messages ( even emails ).

What if we could spend part of that time actually focused on writing a short story?

Julie Duffy is talking about setting an hour a day aside for this.

I don't even think this is necessary. I'm gonna go for a shorter time span, to ensure that I actually do this daily. I don't promise to share the stories with you ( although I might share some ) and blog posts don't count. All of this is mainly meant to get back into creative writing / storytelling mode and to find the motivation to get back to my novel ( The story of ) Hypersensitivosaurus.

Although Nanowrimo gave me an awesome basis to work from, I can't help but feeling that it was in fact the daily writing and 50,000 words in one month pressure that made it into a beast of a puzzle to solve.

No worries, I won't give up on taming that beast and I will continue shaping it into a pet that's looking nice enough to parade on the catwalk. Or should I say - dinosaur walk? In other words, I will finish that novel. It's just that I can't help but feeling that I need a little creative detour first.

This turned into somewhat of a ramble, thinking out loud, but it needed to be said and I'm glad I got it off my chest.

What about you? Are you writing a novel yourself or are you perhaps more of a short story writer? How do you feel about the 'A Story A Day' Concept? Do you think it would be something for you?

P.S. The 'A Story A Day concept is a little trick ( for the writers among us ) to do the thing we love on a consistent basis, to build a habit. Instead of not doing it 'enough' and feeling the creative energy seep out of us until we reach a point where it affects our overall life. Not only will daily story writing lead to a richer, you could say 'more productive', creative life, it will also make us happier people ( and thus positively influence the people around us ).

If you're not necessarily a writer, you might wanna replace the 'story a day' by whatever else you're passionate about and spend some time on it daily. We all deserve some time for self care. Selfishness is not ( necessarily ) a bad thing.

P.P.S. If you're into podcasts, you might wanna check out this post too:

More info:
Podcast: The Unmistakable Creative Podcast ( hosted by Srinivas Rao )
Podcast episode: Julie Duffy: Your Story Needs to be Heard

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It's better to finish 3 goals that are attainable then drowning yourself into a river of multitasking

Sometimes drowning in the river of multitasking is the only way anything at all will get done XD

Maybe it's just me that has a problem

I wish I could print everything I've written, so I can literally edit the pages ( in a visual way ), instead of cutting and pasting in a digital document.

Download xournal++ for your operating system, save a copy of the document in question as a pdf, open pdf in xournal, have fun.

Use with a graphics tablet or something like a Surface Pro for best results

Ergh I hate Surface Pros

To answer your question towards the end I used to be a novel writer once and then I took an arrow to the knee my current project happened and I'm pretty sure some of the stories might be novels rather than animations or comics but I don't know if I will ever be able to realise them as I don't know if I'll ever finish the current one (it's a time not a motivation thing, I have a lot of motivation, just not a lot of time). I haven't investigated it but based on your story a day description I do a "similar enough" thing I think where I make sure I can cram in at least an hour of art/writing time daily (though sometimes on days like today where my brain has shut down it's a bit of a mission but it's a thing that needs to be done).

21.12.2019 14:16