Just Another Mindful Monday - That's My Fun Day. As is my Sunday and Any Other ( if I can ) Day

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Nice one buddy, a healthy and balanced program for body, mind and spirit. Keep up the meditation. Material abundance is of course a superficial and limited focus for the unlimited soul, and traditionally many would bring offerings to the gods to pray for material blessings but the real reason for meditation is to raise consciousness and transcend the mundane attachments, aspiring for the eternal liberation of the embodied soul. I love Deepak Chopra but he has turned meditation into a mundane and superficial feel-good sense gratification tool, commercializing it in the process. Having trained in yoga and Vedanta philosophy in India and back home for a decade in my youth, I speak from personal experience and knowledge of the Sanskrit texts when saying that the real goal is beyond abundance or good health, although those are secondary by-products. The real yogis actually give up the need for abundance because they are so rich in realization of transcendence, and end up owning very little.

Great to see the nature around you there on your travels. My current posts are similar.

21.01.2020 12:01

I agree with you on Deepak Chopra but, luckily, he also has a lot of 'free' stuff to offer ;>)

Thanks for your extensive comment - full of wisdom. Life is a precious journey and I can only wonder where I end up, marvel about what I discover on my way.

By the way, this spot in nature - as depicted on my photos - is about a 15 minute walk from my house, here in Portugal ;>)

25.01.2020 13:28

Wonderful post! I can't wait to see if we do another group in Feb. I have been trying to complete the course, but I seem to be letting life things get in the way. It's great to see that it is making an impact on yours. Best wishes on the book, you'll have to keep us posted on it's progress. @tryskele

If you like what we do, consider delegation or following our curation trail on Steemauto. All are welcome to join us on Discord.

21.01.2020 22:00

maybe I'll join this one? I'm in Japang though, what time of day do you usually do it?

22.01.2020 04:19

You can do it, whenever you feel like it. It helps to listen to the meditation as early as possible, as there's often a lesson to take with you throughout your day and the idea is, of course, to make it 21 days in a row ( sharing and lifting on the group's energy wave ).

It is being shared in the new-year-abundance channel in Natural Medicine on Discord but that one is only unlocked for people partaking in the 'current' challenge. I'm sure there's another one soon.

25.01.2020 14:10

Thank you @tryskele
Life gets in the way for all of us, hope you get a chance to give the abundance challenge a serious try asap.

Will keep you all posted whenever I've got something more to share


25.01.2020 14:06

Ahhh I see why you mentioned "minimal effort" That is a great mantra. I can't help but feel that sometimes effort is an enjoyable part of the process though. I just feel that since so much effort went into the wrong channels, that perhaps some results with minimal effort would be a nice thing.

I don't think we need to make such specific concepts about our life purpose. Of course anything and everything can be part of our own life purpose. I think we always know what our purpose is but at first its hard to pinpoint, then hard to describe and then hard to integrate. Or maybe none of it needs to be hard, but there can be many pit stops along the way. Podcast topic?

I think my life purpose is something to do with connecting people, empowering people through the peaceful integration of opposing forces and in some ways destruction and chaos hahaha :-D Love-filled and peaceful destruction and chaos, don't worry

I hope I didn't get any verbal poo poo on you yesterday !

22.01.2020 04:18

Nice answer, interesting thinking. We could sure talk about all these things one day.

Funny how you manage to throw in the words 'destruction' and 'chaos' at the end. You rebel ;>)

Disruption is often times necessary for change, so I get the point.

Let's talk soon!

25.01.2020 14:17

Sounds like a wonderful way to spend the day!
Cool that you are thinking about turning your Hypersensitivosaurus is to a story book for kids!
I can help you put it into a flip book to make for easy sharing as you test it out.
Here is a sample for you to see how the format looks. This is a book me and my granddaughter put together when we were taking pictures of her miniature animals. She came up with most of the text.
Let me know if you want me to put you book into a flipbook by DM me on Discord.
Can't wait to see what you come up with!

27.01.2020 03:46

Nice to hear that you like the idea and thank you very much for the offer.
I will probably go for an analog test version though

A hug from Portugal,


28.01.2020 22:00