Go With the Flow - Meditation and The Tao of Pooh

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12.12.2019 09:47

I was a Pooh addict as a child. Probably got influenced there as I also like the Tao Te Ching and have read it several times.

It's funny because I watched the live action movie where Christopher returns to Pooh's world and found Pooh kind of annoying at first.

I suppose that is the rational mind that crashes with Pooh's simplicity and can't handle someone who just is.

By the end of the movie I liked Pooh again though so I suppose it's just like the Tao flowing from Ying to Yang and back again.

12.12.2019 12:07

I must get hold of a copy. Read it many years ago but would love to re read as the person I am now. Good old Pooh. He would find me a different person too.

Good on you about limiting screen morning and night. I can forget at night but like early morning steeming as I find people awake on other side of world.

Love you..x

12.12.2019 18:13

I must get hold of a copy.

You should :>)

Still struggling with limiting screen time. I do my best though and yes I love you showing up on Steem in the early morning. Otherwise we would never be awake at the same time ( even more now I go to bed and turn to airplane mode earlier )


19.12.2019 11:23

You’ve been visited by @porters on behalf of Natural Medicine. That little excerpt from the Tao of Pooh made me smile and I like what Pooh represents in Taoism - the art of allowing, such a wonderful way to be and so fitting for Pooh! Glad you had a wonderful meditation and such a view - Amazing!
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14.12.2019 02:02

Pooh is awesome by just being himself, not trying to control any situation.

Thank you for your kind words :>)

19.12.2019 11:24