Dreaming about Dreaming

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What is reality and what is dreaming? I ponder this thought many times while commuting (a good time to embrace reality where my life depends on it). But when dreams leak onto real life, I write of them and glean a soul lesson from it. https://goldvoice.club/steem/@jnetsworld/the-exit-nightmare

I also try to gain something from nightmares. If they reoccur, I wonder firstly if it’s simply something I ate. If the nightmaring persists, I’ve used my dream time to take down monsters. Those are entertaining. I’m hardly a formidable looking monster killer. But hey, it’s MY dream and I’ll do what I want to 😬The parameters are different for reality. Reality doesn’t center around you like dreams. And I can’t seem to remember how to fly when I have that down pat in my dream life.



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10.01.2020 20:36

Most of my dreams are totally real (and then I wake up and wonder who the hell all my dream-friends were as if I've seen them before it would have been as part of a crowd and thus not registered). The ones that aren't I'm aware I can just escape hatch if I get bored/things get too much/annoying or get back into if I wake up at an interesting point and want to see what happens.

So you reckon we're living in a simulation? :)

11.01.2020 04:43