Dating in Times of Corona plus some thoughts on Happiness

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06.03.2020 13:53

ow god hij is de jungle van het daten ingegaan! Schrijf er een weekly blog over asjeblieft heheeheh

en qua corona...ja ik wil er ook niet over lullen maar loop wel de halve dag in beschermende pakken rond..dohhhhh

06.03.2020 13:55

yeah I a so much more in to giving hugs, it is much more healing for everyone to actually have physical contact with others. I agree looking for happiness makes you unhappy, cos so many miss the point that it is inside of us all. I imagine that she felt like she had to defend her actions, but that is just a reflection of where she is in her life.

Happiness consists of entering your inner world.

I do like that above quote, it makes so much sense to me.
sending hugs xxxx

06.03.2020 14:20

How did date number 2 go? Did you talk about coronavirii? :D

Have you posted a pic of cute little notebook before? I love stationery, can't justify buying it for myself though XD

07.03.2020 14:40

@vincentnijman, Corona Virus is becoming Global Issue and spreading lot of Border Tensions too. Let's pray 🙏 and hope that soon it will get stopped. Stay blessed.

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09.03.2020 16:07