A poem in four languages a.k.a. Una puma in vier languages

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08.02.2020 18:19

me gusta el dibujo pero te hace falta practicar mas proporciones uwu

08.02.2020 18:35

Gracias, no foi dibujado de memoria, pero tenho que admitir que el resulto es bastante gordo ;>)

08.02.2020 18:47

You're hilarious, and also clever. thinking in four languages blows me away. i just feel woefully inadequate.

09.02.2020 09:37

Thank you. You are awesome and clever in so many other ways. No need to feel inadequate at all 🐅

09.02.2020 10:21

I have a similar thing with being in very early stages of the languages I'm learning, every so often a word in another language will pop into my head. And also fun was eventually switching to learning Sona after failing to grasp lojban grammar and one of the first things I was trying to work out was how sentence types were marked in Sona (questions have "ke" somewhere in them, but otherwise things like imperatives are done by tone like in most natlangs XD)

Your poem and the backstory behind it made me giggle XD I showed my daughter and she said something along the lines of it being amazing and you should send it to Doki Doki Literature Club (it's a vaguely horror visual novel game thing) XD

09.02.2020 13:58

Sona and Lojban? Sounds like tongues from another planet :>)

Always a pleasure to make you giggle. I will keep the Doki Doki Literature Club offer in mind haha

This comment inspired me to start doing what I intended for a long time ( another side project ), a book with poems made up of several languages.

14.02.2020 13:40

They're constructed languages, I can't remember who I explained them to in Be Awesome, probably not you if you don't remember, maybe you weren't there at the time :)

A book of poems made up of several languages sounds entertaining XD

15.02.2020 14:38

Pretty good! You Dutchies and your language skills never fail to impress.

I recall many years ago in a cafe I frequented on Rembrandplein, one of the waiters would idenify the language the customer was speaking and address them in their language. On one occasion an American couple were discussing how much to tip him...while he stood at their table. 'I assure you it is not necessary to tip me', he announced loudly, 'for unlike in your country I do not depend on gratuities for my living'. Classic!

11.02.2020 02:24

Thank you for sharing that story :>)

My Ego likes to tell you that I'm not the average Dutch person
but I told it to stop bragging and agree with you instead,


14.02.2020 13:37