Zack and Vincent 2 - Sharing the Creative Process - Suggestions for a Name for Our Podcast are Welcome

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12.01.2020 15:50

We are not allowed to disagree on anything!!!! Take it back!!!!

12.01.2020 16:02

I agree to disagree on this

12.01.2020 16:05

Lovely that you two can connect and share on a podcast!
sorry I have no ideas for names yet but I thought that untangled knots was cool!
Amazing that you still have a drawing from 30 years ago - nice one!

13.01.2020 03:18

Thank you for your feedback.
It's pretty awesome indeed ( the connecting on a podcast )
and yes, it's nice to have some old drawings too.
I have to thank my mom for that. She hardly ever throws anything anyway ( and not because she's a hoarder ). I have a bunch of old drawings - at my parents' place in The Netherlands - and I've got a dozen or so of notebooks with illustrated stories that I wrote in the last couple of years of primary school school ( when I had nothing to do ), close to 30 years ago.

A hug from Portugal!

13.01.2020 10:07