Untitled Podcast 1 (Zack and Vincent) - Why do we want to podcast?

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You two are adorable XP

06.01.2020 13:42

Meow <3

07.01.2020 20:40

You too @ryivhnn :>)

07.01.2020 21:36

It was so fun man, I wanna keep doing it. I don’t think it’ll stop being fun so long as we don’t have huge expectations. I still think this will get 200 listens eventually hahah

06.01.2020 13:54

It was fun for sure. Looking forward to our next conversation. Let me know when you can find the time. I surely believe in 200 listeners in the near future.

P.S. Did you get us these 6 likes on YouTube all by yourself too? ;>)

07.01.2020 17:52

Well it seems the average listening time was 6 minutes, and out of my 6 listens, 3 were less than 5 minutes....it’s really hard to figure out how much people are listening but it seems at least 6 or 7 people listened all the way through if you include steemians :-). Haha whatever, it’s just fun to imagine that this will take off. I’m happy to do it again even if we get no listens. This is good for my mental health and practicing how I express things

07.01.2020 20:39