Threefer in Marine City - Feb 26, 2021 - Shipspotting

Spring is coming - you know that because the ice is melting and otherwise receding all along the St. Clair River.

The bonus for the escort season is the increased likelihood of multiple ships in a single shot in Marine City, Michigan.

In this shot, we have the US Coast Guard Cutter, Katmai Bay (101), then Canadian Coast Guard vessel Samuel Risley, then Algoterra (a tanker operated by Algoma Corporation.)




I think Katmai Bay is a cute vessel. I recently did a piece featuring Katmai Bay - USCGC 101. In these images, you can see that she's still flying her call sign in the small nautical flags.

Samuel Risley still leading Algoterra. Due to the curve in the river channel here and the approach of the leading ship, I can capture images of the ships changing positions.




Samuel Risley passes the Marine City camera, followed soon after by Algoterra, on her way to Sarnia, Ontario.


Today's images are from:
StreamTime Live - Marine City, Michigan
The sharing of the pictures/cameras is encouraged for the education and enjoyment of all. Please take a look at these cameras on YouTube. (Note that these URLs change from time to time.)

Note: Boatnerd also hosts shipping news, huge amounts of data about almost any "laker" and even many of the "saltie" visitors - and even a book called "Know Your Ships". I would encourage supporting his great work, especially as he has plans to add more cameras in 2021.

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Comments 2

Risley and Algoterra look like they are related lol!
And Katmai Bay is looking good as well.
Love watching these ships!!!
Keep up the good work @viking-ventures!

27.02.2021 04:07

Thank you! Yes, Risley looks related, but they're not, of course. (Though who knows, the same company could have painted them both!)

27.02.2021 14:24