Starting My Garden - March 2021, part 2 - Homesteading

Last time, I was coping with a near-record snowfall (23" was the official total) by starting my garden - to the moon phase (something I've always wanted to do, but hadn't quite managed...)

So, about a week later, this is what those plants look like...


I'm actually concerned about the two that grew too much... they may or may not survive, but I moved them into a larger container to try to give them the best chance I can.

My new grow lights came, so it was time to work on the next stage which included putting together some new shelving...


And adding the lighting. Not sure I like these yet... maybe next time I'll get something slightly different.


I'm using these jiffy pots this year to give my plants a better start and an option that should cause less root disturbance when transplanting into the full garden in June.

Here's what the unsoaked Jiffy pots look like next to the ones that have been growing for a week.


I add water (from my aquarium) and let the pots absorb the moisture for a few agonizingly long moments (while I make my labels - cut from milk jugs.)


I don't need lots of one type of plant, one of each would be great (though I'm putting a few seeds in each pot.)

I set the completed trays under my new lights in the basement. I planted a few more herbs, but mostly it was flowers and vegetables this time (tomatoes and peppers.) (Then, I ordered a few more seeds to fill in some gaps in my collection.) Fingers crossed!


(My husband wanted to tell some of his coworkers what I was up to... basement, grow lights, herbs... lol... alas "the herb" isn't legal in Wyoming - even medicinally.)

Photos taken with my Samsung NX11. Crossposted on Hive.

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