Reintroducing Myself...

Almost a year ago, this community suffered a huge split. Probably should call it a civil war or a revolution. Friend vs friend, communities split down the middle... blacklists created to shame those who didn't want to choose sides.

At the time, I felt it was right to join the revolutionaries - after all, there were principles at stake - including ones of liberty and censorship. Then, @jamerussell started helping The Terminal with the Hey Have You Met posts - and started doing them on Steem again as well... with a surprising level of support - considering that most of us (I think) expected Steem to shrivel up and die without the support of so many defectors.


I still don't know what's best. Weku is pretty much defunct. Whaleshares isn't any better. Uptrennd - been there/done that... more too. Hive needs competition... And right now, Steem is still the best competitor... no matter what Mr. Sun decides to do.

So, maybe I'll post here again, maybe not... We'll see.
What's your favorite front-end? Mine is/was Steempeak, but that's being nuked at the moment. (Politics, again.) I don't know of another that supports templates - which is what I need the most. ESteem's scheduler is good, but I don't see the templates - though it's possible my client is too old. I didn't see an upgrade button on it.

Will I get hated on both platforms if I post on both? Especially if I post the same post on both - or follow one with the other? Will I get blacklisted or downvoted into the ground? (I moved all my Steem to Hive - ages ago... so either I get to move some back - or I get to build again... How this post does will determine which I do, if either.) I was a minnow when I left Steem - now, I'm a dolphin on Hive. And that's in addition to what I transferred over... and have powered down for other purposes.


Who am I?

There's a philosophical question if I ever heard one...

I'm a stay-at-home, homeschooling mother who doesn't like putting all her eggs in one basket. I like to diversify because that's the only way to truly weather storms of life - including nuclear wars of the blockchain variety. I am a pagan (I've tried half a dozen different forms of Christianity, but have left that behind again), used to belong to Mensa (didn't want to pay the membership though), and used to live in Great Britain - though I am American by birth and now live in Wyoming with my daughters and husband. (My sons still live in England - some with their father, others are at University... one is doing both at once. They study (in age order): microphysics, internet technology, corporate law and history.) Both of my daughters have blockchain accounts now, but that sounds too much like hard work to them... We'll see... especially with most of the tools I used to use on Steem having also migrated to Hive.

I love many things, especially learning. I spend some time on Duolingo almost every day, studying (primarily) Spanish, Norwegian, Swedish and French. I also love watching ships on some of the cameras online - which I've been reporting about on Hive recently. We even keep chickens at my inlaw's house, just a short walk away from where we live now.

When I'm "working," I'm writing novellas/novels, taking photos, creating artwork and finding ways to market these things. This is the primary reason I joined the blockchains in the first place. (In 2020, I earned around $500 in Steem/Hive on my books - which is totally awesome!) My first-ever Curie upvote on Steem was on one of my first story posts. I got around 30 of those before the big split happened. Now, I still get some of those on Hive, but they're not as amazing as they were when I got my first one... 53 SBD. The following winter, it was down around 10 SBD... The ups and downs of crypto!

Anyway, here's a picture that I took recently off my bedroom balcony - hard to beat this view!

Image taken myself on my Nikon D7200.

Lori Svensen
author/designer at A'mara Books
photographer/graphic artist for Viking Visual
(Buy my work at RedBubble, TeePublic, PicFair and DeviantArt.)
verified author on Goodreads
(Buy my books at Books2Read and at LBRY)


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