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Last week, we had weather that made us think that Spring was just around the corner. But weather in the Rocky Mountains is "like that." I'm definitely looking forward to Spring, but here is what it looks like here today... as seen from the door to my balcony...



One of the neighbors had second thoughts about trying to get out...

One direction on the balcony... (There's actually a planter pot there under the snow.)



The other direction on the balcony to give a better perspective on the depth of the drifting. Another 6-10 inches are expected to fall today - in addition to the 10 inches or so that has already fallen.

And another view out... that tree was already leaning, btw.



However, the calendar plus the new moon gave me confidence to go ahead and start some herbs in some "jiffy" pots. I wanted to do more, but it looks like I need to wait another week. (I am going to try planting by the moon this spring. New moon is for herbs and things that have seeds "on the outside.")


Photos taken today with my Samsung NX11. Crossposted on Hive.

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