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I only recently discovered that "digital paper" is a thing. Apparently, it's mostly for scrapbooking and collage work - whether on or offline.

Low on energy today, I decided to give a try at making some rather random digital paper for my Etsy shop(s) (I plan to do a second one, but just not yet.)

On GIMP, there is this one filter under Render > Noise > Difference Clouds. It is great at creating a random pattern to color... So, I used this to create three very different designs today.

Here is the first one - as I mocked it up for Etsy...


You can find this design in 46 versions at my Etsy store for $4.

I played with the design both in GIMP and in Photoscape, utilizing many of the different filters to create new and interesting designs.

Another design from the same clouds (with the Kaleidoscope filter applied:)


This design is in 38 versions at my Etsy store for $4.

And one more design... (again, same clouds.)


Another 40 versions this time (though one of the zip files consists of leftover "static" type versions of the other three - as I didn't have space to upload them all on the other listings!) You can find this listing also on my Etsy store for $4.

It's hard to believe how many cool designs came from one cloud scribble! This was fun - I will do it again soon.

Images created by myself in today on Gimp and Photoscape. Crossposted on Hive.

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