Video: Charity Discrimination (Never Fall Sympathy For Evil)

The righteous among us fight for strength, intelligence, and the best of our people for the generations to come. And so the question can arise- Should we be charitable? Should we have sympathy? Should we help people in need? The answer is absolutely, but with discrimination, and with special favor towards the good in society.


There comes times when all of us fall. Times when we have trials that we can't overcome by ourselves. Whether a mistake of our own, or a simple event of misfortune, we will run into many difficulties in life. Though we strive to be greatest of people, even the strongest and brightest among us will have times of weakness. It is in those times that we must be there for each other, as families, and as a community. Through shared values and Principles of goodness, we not only strive to build the strength of every individual, but also the strength of our people as a whole. As a community with diverse skills and abilities, we can exchange together and help each other.

When many people hear the word charity, the first thing that comes to mind may be a big organization like the Red Cross or Salvation Army. Though charity doesn't have to be monetary. Charity can be something as simple as a wise word of advice, or helping carry a heavy burden. When our loved one is sick or injured, we look after them, and see them back to good health. Charity can be anything that rises up another with a difficult situation.

And so the question then arises, what of discrimination, and how do we reconcile that with being good? The answer to that is simple, we don't love evil. We reject evil, pure and simple. The way we do that is by promoting good. There is an old saying that goes, "Charity starts at home". We take care of ourselves, we take care of our family, and we take care of our community. When we give charity to others we should discriminate with priority to those who promote good, and reject degeneracy.

For those that may claim not to discriminate, that discrimination is somehow wrong, they are truly corrupt and evil liars; those same people who often are actually promoting the most evil and degenerate in society. They will look you right in the eye and lie directly to your face, saying they are against discrimination, and having just yesterday purchased from some organization that promotes a racial or ethnic based group.

Every charity has some form of discrimination. Whether they help those with bone cancer, heart disease, or diabetes, they are specifically not providing for everyone else. It is in fact, impossible to Not discriminate, because every act of charity will always benefit some group over another. With every path we take in life, there are countless other paths that we could have taken, but didn't. If someone gives charity to the blind, they are specifically not giving charity to those that can see.

This acknowledgement is simply an acknowledgement of the limitations of our reality. When we accept reality as it is, we can then maximize our knowledge for good. Discrimination is nothing but "choosing the higher value". Values of family, community, and those that promote our Principles of fit and healthy future generations.

Our Principles would have us ask this question, "What good has this person or group done to deserve charity?" If we can't come up with a good reason, then there is no guilt. Not everyone deserves charity. Highly corrupt and evil promoting organizations certainly are not deserving of charity. Those that suppress good people, and claim moral high ground for it. A morality based on Hedonistic pleasure seeking, rather than the betterment of society. These are the most wicked and destructive organizations of people among us. Rather than charity, they are deserving of desert fire. Though, justice will come to everyone and their offspring in time. Nature keeps a record of all.

As for us, must maintain true to goodness, and our highest values are simple, promote a lineage of the most genetically healthy and intelligent of our people into the future. Those that act good, are good. A person may be weak and degenerate, and have all manner of defects, but that doesn't make them an evil person. No person is born good or born evil. We all have our own weaknesses and flaws. What makes good people is promoting of good, and a good people will avoid promoting evil.

When considering to give charity we should be stern, but be fair. The greater someone's voice has been in spreading good, the more deserving they are are in receiving our kindness. Alternatively, for those who have spread corruption and evil, we should have no guilt for seeing them perish. We need not wish harm or destruction to promoters of evil, because in time, their deeds will eventually lead to their own destruction.

Let us work together to connect and strengthen our community. We cannot sit idle as evil grows. Though we may be far apart in location, we can all connect and come together through modern communications. You can sign up on the mobile app SchildiChat. Choose, and join our room named VidarReturns.

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