Stories from my Childhood days: Lessons I learnt as a child

Happy Sunday steemits.

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I was a weak kid; the kind every other kid was stronger than. I was the kind they beat at will and for fun. Two of the people that made childhood a little miserable for me back then before I learnt to fight back, were Chidinma Obika and Ezinne Bright Chijioke (Okonnaji Ezinne). Chidinma Obika was my classmate. A kid my age too, who beat me almost every day in school.

If she borrowed my crayons and I wanted them back. If she asked for a thing from me and I wouldn't give. If I spoke to her in a manner that didn't sit well with her, she would beat me. She usually took me home after school so, it was easier to beat me the way she liked without being stopped by a teacher. And I wouldn't dare report her in school the next day. I always went home to tell my Mother, hoping she would either beat Chidinma Obika if she brought me home one time. Or follow me to school the next day to report to the teachers.

But my Mother never did. She almost always never said something about it, and when my crayons were incomplete, she would hit me. Chidinma Obika would hit me too if I asked for them unless she was ever ready to return them. Okonnaji Ezinne was my neighbor at home. My father says she was my favorite kid back then but before all that happened, Ezinne was about my worst nightmare. She might have forgotten all of these but my Mother helped keep these memories and the beautiful ones that followed alive.

So, Ezinne was the kid who never allowed me stand. She beat me every time she could; it was almost always. And I would always run back into the house to cry to my Mother who would pacify me, and the moment she looked away, I would run back again to Ezinne to play. I used to wonder why almost all the other Mothers in the compound came out to shout when another kid beat their child/children, but never my Mother. And I thought so many things about her. I thought she was unkind or that she was scared.

One day, I was out playing with Ezinne when our fight happened again and I ran in to tell my Mother as usual. But this time, she held my hands together and beat me 'black and blue.' She asked why I couldn't fight back but it wasn't in the manner that required an answer. She said a few other things and when she was done, she dragged me outside the room as though she was handing me back into a thing I had been running from.

But that was the last time Ezinne ever beat me because I faced her with all of the anger in me. All of the pain and might and it shocked her that I had suddenly grown so strong. I would have a fight with Chidinma Obika days later, although she beat me mercilessly and I cried, it shocked her too that I had grown strong enough to stand her. And that was the last time she ever beat me or took my crayons without returning them in peace. So, if you ask me again what lesson from my childhood still serves me, I would say it is to stand and fight back.

This lesson has helped me in so many other aspects of my life. Although I am not perfectly consistent with this lesson, it is one of the greatest lessons I have learnt.
What lessons from your childhood still serve you?

Lessons I learnt this week
Learning is always a part of human attributes. We learn as we grow.


The past week was a beautiful one. I would like to share five of the lessons I learnt.

We are in the 'digital' age
I have always known this but it has never dawned me as it did in the past week. With the unveiling on Facebook and some of which has happened in the past, I have learnt to keep things(about me) which I am not most proud of, away from people. Especially the ones I don't have enough trusts in. From the unveiling, I also learnt that transparency matters a whole lot.

To talk about how I feel. What I feel. I was angry with a person and I couldn't let it out. This person is someone much older than I am and I didn't know how he would take it. And so, this anger burned my heart every time I set my eyes on him until a few days ago. I summoned all of the courage I had and I poured it all out. Everything! And two things happened to afterwards:

  • I felt light. As though a very heavy thing that drained my strength had been taken away.
  • He felt sorry. He never knew he had wronged me that bad. This gave me a great feeling.

    • I started using Canva. I'm still finding my way around it though. I also joined a graphic design class and I am now trying my hands on mobile graphic designing.
    I learnt something I suddenly find a kind of joy in.It is that I know almost nothing. Realizing this makes me open to all the knowledge possible. I have a lot to learn - from life, everything else possible. and I am looking forward to it.

    I learnt something about fear this past week. I had a fear I used to run away from. It is in the form of a human. And I tremble every time it surfaces. But in this past week, I called it up myself and I faced it. I was dauntless and it ran. Although this fear might be back, I have learnt a way to face it and some other fears too.
    What did you learn in the past week?

    Happy New Week.

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