Black & White Photography : Enjoy the beauty of the atmosphere around the airport.


The atmosphere in and around the airport is beyond doubt because the airport is designed so luxuriously that it looks more modern so that it is no less modern than some other airports in Southeast Asia such as Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand.

In every corner of the airport it still keeps its own beauty for those who want to enjoy it because there are so many additional decorations that make the airport look very grand and very modern. So that we can capture many images while at the airport.


On this occasion I also tried to edit the atmosphere from around the airport with the feature I used to use, namely black and white photography to make it look cooler than usual. This feature is indeed very applied to images that use the theme of the scenery as the picture I have shown above is the atmosphere from around the airport.

Maybe in the future I will try to make a contest about black and white photography to make many people interested in creating their content with the theme of black and white photography. But I have not planned the contest when I will start the race because I am still busy arranging a big project in 2020.

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Betul itu. Nanti projek itu boleh diadakan sekali dengan projek gambar hitam putih. @tipu curate

25.10.2019 07:24

Upvoted 👌 (Mana: 20/25)

25.10.2019 07:24

Nanti kita atur lagi projek besar tersebut temanku @davidke20.

25.10.2019 07:34

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25.10.2019 07:27

Ini proyek yang menjanjikan fren ๐Ÿ‘

25.10.2019 12:25

Do'a kan semoga projects besar ini bisa berjalan dengan lancar di tahun depan, dan Jangan lupa untuk ikut andil dalam projects yang akan saya adakan nanti.

25.10.2019 12:54

Amin, pasti saya doakan fren, sukses selalu buat @victoria-bella, selamat beristirahat sobat ๐Ÿ˜Š

25.10.2019 15:11

Okey teman๐Ÿ‘Œ

25.10.2019 15:15