Black & White Photography : Enjoy the atmosphere in the middle of the ocean.


The picture that I show above is a shipment from one of my friends who was on duty on a cargo ship in the middle of the Indian Ocean, he sent the picture to show how the atmosphere was in the middle of the open sea without any other ships crossing near the ship that was they are riding it.


He also explained how to survive while in the middle of the sea by cooking food needs such as rice, fish and other side dishes in the special kitchen in the cargo ship. And he also explained how they washed with fresh water which they had prepared just before they set sail.


In addition, he also said if they had to take turns keeping the ship's engine for 1X24 hours in turn so that no damage to the ship's engine they were riding on, so they alternately maintain the temperature and state of the engine of the ship so that things do not happen they don't want when they're sailing.


And he also said that in the middle of the sea there wasn't the slightest signal they could get, only when they were close to the mainland could they communicate with their closest people. And for them it is very impossible to go home, because they are only allowed to return to the village once every 8 months so it is very difficult to communicate with them.

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