Monomad - brother and Mediterranean Sea - B&W film photography


Film photography is always some kind of magic for me - to make a click, but not to see the result in the big camera screen, to expose a whole roll, and still be in doubts if everything went right with the process of shooting (especially with fully manual cameras like Hasselblad 500cm or Horizon 202), to finish the process of developing and to hold your breath before you open the tank for the first peep inside - what if the roll was damaged, was stored bad, was badly developed with stored too long chemicals, the temperature was wrongly measured, the order of chemicals was messed.

Did I miss something?

Well, nothing from this list happened to me when I exposed, developed and scanned this roll of Rollei RPX400 film. I used Fujifilm GA645 camera and played with exposure time and developing process, so finally, EI was variable 200-400 and I processed it @800 in Kodak d-76 1:1.

The whole roll you can see below -


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