Welcome to VIT.Global


Vision Industry Token is pleased to announce the launch of VIT.Global, our new Steem Engine Nitrous Site.

A lot of members of the VIT Community are Steem Community members as well. There was a strong desire among the community members to establish a VIT Tribe on Steem. We are pleased to see our Tribe's Nitrous site launched for use and enjoyment by the VIT community and the Steem community at large.

To use the VIT Global site, you will need a Steem account. The site is powered by our VITP token on Steem Engine. You can swap between native VIT and VITP using the deposit and withdraw functions on the Steem Engine Dex.

The rewards and power schedules are largely identical to the VIT native chain. Voting period is 7 days. Rewards are paid out 100% as VITP power. Power down is paid every 7 days for 13 weeks, etc.

To post to VIT Global, tag your post with #vit. If your post also contains adult content (nudity, etc) also tag it # nsfw. Our content posting community guidelines are the same on VIT Global as on Touch.Tube and Touchit.Social. Breaking these guidelines will result in flagging. Below is a non-exhaustive list as a general guide.

  • No illegal content (underage, non-consent, etc)
  • No pirated content
  • No unattributed content (if you didn't make it, don't own the production rights, or don't have any other licensing or use rights, then don't post it)

If you have any questions about how to use the VIT Global site, ask in the comment section and we'll do our best to answer them as soon as possible.

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The most important item was not addressed: What is this tribe about, what´s its focus? Any preferences or limitations content-wise?

21.10.2019 15:30

Good question. This tribe is basically about Vision Industry Token (VIT). We have our own blockchain with a couple of front ends powered by VIT. VIT's primary (but not sole) focus is on the adult industry. It is a place for adult content creators to share their work and be rewarded by the curation of the VIT community. This tribe is essentially an extension of our existing community on the VIT blockchain. It's a new meeting place for the VIT and Steem communities to comingle.

21.10.2019 15:39

Thanks! I was totally not aware about VIT. Will bring some competition for Dporn!

21.10.2019 15:54

Yea! Check out the two touch sites linked in the post. You can also check out the VIT block explorer here: https://explore.vit.tube/. Been up and running for about 13 months now.

22.10.2019 00:05

This is like a "3 some" lol. Earn VIT on VIT blockchain, earn Steem on Steem blockchain and also earn VITP. Fantastic!

21.10.2019 18:23

This is an excellent move by VIT Team.

21.10.2019 18:28

Good business

23.10.2019 13:44

happy to see VIT on the Steem chain...awesome job guys! What a great move and great community

21.10.2019 22:46

The big question to me is if this tribe is going to utilize the advertising function on Nitrous? This kind of content is best suited for advertising and the ability to uplift token value through burning should prove to be very beneficial.

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21.10.2019 23:51

it would boost the vit ecosystem greatly

22.10.2019 14:55

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22.10.2019 03:00

So Exciting:)

24.10.2019 07:27

This is very CooL, I had been looking into singing up for Touch.Tube last year, but there seemed to be a glitch when I attempted to sign up, I'm looking forward to getting involved with VIT here.

27.10.2019 22:33