Tesla Truck Gen 2 Design ideas

After Telsa unveiled it's new Truck design, it got me thinking. I'm looking into sending some design ideas over to Elon and his counterparts. If you missed it here is what it's new design looks like.


Such bold body lines.

For some strange reason this body looked oddly familiar. Being an engineer I wanted to add a little of my own personal touches to his vision.

That's when I fired up a engineering program I've used before.

I tried getting the original design loaded but it kept saying image size to large for floppy.

At this point I knew it was going to be a challenge. Starting my design of the 2nd gen was going to have to happen from scratch.

After a good wait, my Apple fired up. My Car Builder program loaded flawlessly and the creation phase was taking shape.

Numerous tests in the wind tunnel and much trial and error brought me to this final design.



I'm sorry, I couldn't help myself. One really cool thing about his new truck is it's impact resistance (just not the windows). If you missed it, they were hitting the side door full on with a sledge hammer and it didn't leave a scratch.

Got a crazy Ex? This could be your perfect vehicle.

Enough for today. Time for work. I may be posting some other of my expert designs in the coming future. 😂😂😂

Over and Out

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I think a big part of the shape is to allow for easier automation during production. What apple computer and program is that looks a bit old ?

09.12.2019 23:40

It's Car Builder for the Apple II @bitcoinman. Back in 1985 it was my favorite game to play on the platform. Now I can enjoy it on the Apple Emulators.

10.12.2019 03:40