#Steemsilvergold Official Nomination Post - 10/20/2019


Last week we added @dropthatcode to our stacking family. Not much else going on, but I also haven't been on here since last week either.

I'm no longer accepting rewards on any posts...and not really posting anything except this Nomination post once a week. Not really feeling this newsteem very much.

If you see anyone posting about coins, PM's or anything metals related, drop a comment in the link section.

See you guys next week and STEEM ON 💩💩💩!!!

Steemsilvergold is a group comprised of Precious Metals Investors, Collectors and Enthusiasts. We are always looking for new members who post quality and informative content about Precious Metals.

All you need to do is post about your collection or interests in Coins, Bullion, Numismatics, etc. Then use the #steemsilvergold tag in your post. You might even tag a few of the people you follow in SSG in your article.

Steemsilvergold Nomation Roadmap

Here is the nomination process.


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When you become a Member

Upon becoming a member you will have access to our Awesome group Bot, Precious.

And here are the different tiers available to members. These numbers do change and are announced in the monthly @ssg-community post.

New Member Nomination List

Nominated Member Nominator Sponsor Mod Confirmed
@dropthatcode @vgholdingsllc @silversaver888 -
- - - -
- - - -

Do you have what it takes?

Have you been posting about your stack or knowledge of Precious Metals? Drop one of your article links in the comments to get some exposure.

Have you seen a new Steemian posting good content about Metals? Throw them a nomination and see if others agree. The more the merrier.

Proud member of Steemsilvergold!


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21.10.2019 00:46
21.10.2019 01:58

I nominate @elizabethbit to SSG, she has posted several consecutive articles on silver. I am currently in an event and cannot get the links to her articles, but do check her out! Thanks @Ssg-community!

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21.10.2019 01:22

Excellent choice @silversaver888. She has been posting some great pieces. Good eye! !tip

21.10.2019 02:00

She has indeed

24.10.2019 11:18
🎁 Hi @silversaver888! You have received 0.1 STEEM tip from @vgholdingsllc!

@vgholdingsllc wrote lately about: #Steemsilvergold Official Nomination Post - 10/13/2019 Feel free to follow @vgholdingsllc if you like it :)

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21.10.2019 02:00


We need more SSG Peeps and Moar Ladies is EVEN BETTER!
@elizabethbit WELCOME!

21.10.2019 15:54

@underground, all nominations are contingent on mod approval.

Thanks @silversaver888 for the nomination and @underground for the second.

22.10.2019 00:44

@underground, all nominations are contingent on mod approval.

A mere formality, FinZ 😜

22.10.2019 00:53

Thank you @underground for second-ing (is that a word, lol?) me for the nomination into the community!! I am thrilled and looking forward to the adventure ahead!😍

22.10.2019 01:29

I like to see people of faith being stackers, and all around good citizens!
I am so appalled with he current state of our monetary world, certainly the old Devil has perverted this arena more than most. The Bible warns that "for the love of money is the root of all kinds of evil" but people today LOVE DEBT!!! How far has the world turned from proper use of Real Money and towards the abuse of the opposite, which is debt and the slavery therein...

22.10.2019 01:48

Silver and gold are indeed, God's 'money'. Just look at the directions on how He wanted the tabernacle built when they were wondering the desert. How beautiful that must have been! There are so many references to how to handle money in the Bible; if only folks weren't so blinded by greed, or the need to have new shiny (and I'm not referring to silver or gold here) things. It truly is sad.

22.10.2019 04:49

My main thrust now is to 'convert' as much wealth as I can to Real Money, and while it does please me to acquire 'new shiny', I am very good about stacking it away into the safe and really just hiding it. That is why it is so 'difficult' to get the pictures, and I see it more as a teaching tool than bragging about "look what I have". I do carefully word things and try to teach a lesson when I show it.

I have carried a Silver Eagle and "Goldy" on occasion, but it's difficult to get people to hand it back if they actually reach for it 😹

22.10.2019 18:30

1875 S double Eagle obverse.jpg

1875 S double Eagle reverse.jpg

22.10.2019 18:32

VERY nice! :)

23.10.2019 05:09

Approved. :)

28.10.2019 22:26

Thank you again, @silversaver888!😍

22.10.2019 01:27

Approved. :)

28.10.2019 22:26

Thanks @steem-plus!

25.10.2019 01:20

I want to Nominate... @hydroconomist (55)...

October 24, 2019... 16.0...

24.10.2019 22:58

I will get your nomination added to this Sunday's post. Thanks @pocketechange!!!

25.10.2019 01:21