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What is DAO?

DAO is a special thought that takes directions from Bitcoin to function a enterprise besides a hierarchical administration system. Because no man or woman or team of persons has manage of the operation, the system stays unaffected after structural failure, thanks to the nature of decentralization. Blockchain technological know-how is designed to interfere. Disturbances stem from decentralization and autonomy.

DAO or the Decentralized Autonomous Organization, as a structure, was once born on the identical day when Blockchain Technology used to be printed to the public. This is certainly a NEW ECONOMIC MODEL FOR THE 21ST CENTURY. This is furnished with the aid of the excessive Intelligence, Knowledge and Moral Standards of its contributors. Contributors can make innovative proposals in DAO that goal revolutionary applied sciences from a number sectors such as Energy, Agriculture, Health, Insurance simply with the aid of citing a few examples.

Problems with DAO

That capacity the unstoppable code that has been used on the ethereum blockchain community can pose a protection risk due to the fact as soon as released, no one can trade the code. There are instances of exploitation with DAO the place hackers discover bugs, and drain all cash slowly and these who understand this assault can do nothing however watch. Is the member account for their section based totally on the shares they very own or the organisation that launched DAO will take responsibility.

About The Geoma DAO

The Geoma DAO, thru the Geoma Dao Association, is a robust supporter of Blockchain Technology and its implementation. In addition, DAO will create money glide possibilities for its participants thru the following proposals:

Real estate

Real Estate is one of the creators of traditional money flow. Geoma DAO will contain this market by using proudly owning one facet of the building, which can be rented out for month-to-month profits, and on the different hand shopping for and reselling property. Change will be led with the aid of three foremost drivers: Demographic change, environmental development, and adjustments in purchaser conduct - all of which will affect, and are influenced by, new technology. Geoma DAO will be concerned in a new wave of upcoming technology. The DAO geoma will take this chance and create money float for its members. New Technology in Energy Production emerges each day. When we go away the historical world based totally on fossil fuels and strengthen to the world with smooth Energy, Geoma DAO will take motion in this field.


The GEOMA-DAO system's operation also requires a utility-token. GMD-Token or GMD-ERC-20-Token is it's utility-token. This token is an identity and tool for every holder's (member's) proposals, voting, and other activities in the system. It is crytograpbically-secure and serves a central purpose. It will be used to run the financial activities or transactions.
There won't be any ICO— initial Coin offering— when offering this token so as to save costs as it is known that ICO consumes funds.



As can be ascertained through this review, GEOMA-DAO is well planned and they are ready for the achievement of their goals - which creates a system of equitable economic distribution or an economy that will be centralized, secure and effective.


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