Haveyoubeenhere 2019 Steemitworldmap Travel Contest - My 4 favorite travel posts in Bulgaria

The wonderful @SteemitWorldmap team is presenting a great contest to look back at our posts, which we pinned on the SteemitWorldMap of 2019.

You can read about contest here

I liked the contest a lot and decided to take part in it.

The contest brought me back to such a pleasant memories that I experienced over the past year. It reminds me of the beautiful places I have visited with my bike or with a heavy backpack. It was not easy for me to choose 4 posts, but here they are.

Post 1 - Cycling trip to Maharata Cave in Strandja Nature Park, Bulgaria

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For the first time this year, I had the opportunity to attend the Zelenika festival, which takes place every year in May, on the territory of Strandja Nature Park.

During the festival, one of the days I visited the Maharata cave - an ancient Thracian sanctuary wich location is impressive.

During the trip, I saw centuries-old Strandzha oaks, interesting snails and plenty of the incredible plant Zelenika.





Post 2 - Cycling trip 🚴 to Lalikoto Area - In search of Urumovo Tulip 🌷

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With my friends, we made this trip (cycling 170 km. in two directions with our bikes), because only at this time of the year, at Lalikoto Area, bloom Urumus tulip. Urumus tulip grows only in Bulgaria between April and May.

This trip is so special because we passed through many beautiful Bulgarian villages and while we looking for tulips, we found so many beautiful rare plants and lilacs.





Post 3 - Three-day 🚵‍♀️ cycling 🚵‍♂️ through Aytos area in Bulgaria

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Three days with my friends we spent at Aitos mountains. Our camp was at Byala reka (White river), area, overgrown with majestic broad-leaved forests.

Magnificent views from high places, beautiful locations and wonderful nature.





There we saw the unique Aytos wedge (Genger), which exists only in the mountains of Aytos.


Post 4 - Sinanitsa in Pirin Mountain

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Sinanitsa I chose for my favorite location out of the four posts and pin it to SteemitWorldMap.

I chose this place because it was part of a very special eight-day hiking trip in the beautiful Pirin Mountain. I had very strong memories in National park Pirin, that I will always keep. Sinanitsa is one of them - with its unique location, the magical lake, the majestic peak and the beautiful horses that have surrounded us most of the time.





Thank you for the wonderful contest to SteemitWorldMap.

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Bulgaria really has a lot of stunning scenery

@tipu curate

02.01.2020 09:21
02.01.2020 09:21

Yes, Bulgaria is a very beautiful places with stunning scenery 😍. Glad you like it @livinguktaiwan 🌞🌷

02.01.2020 09:40

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very nice...

03.01.2020 06:08

Thank you @abdullahyusuf 🙂👍

03.01.2020 07:02

What a beautiful nature. What a beautiful atmosphere. The world is soo beautiful.

03.01.2020 12:38

So much beauty around us 🙂👍🍃! We must Keep it! Thank you for comment @impressions!

03.01.2020 15:49

Great posts and Sinanitsa is so beautiful.

14.01.2020 22:59