Cameroon Steem Njangi Beneficiary Post.

The Cameroon steemit Njangi is an initiative which was put forward by @mr-green of @thegreens to empower steemians and to encourage especially young steemians like myself to work extra hard to meet the requirements of this Njangi.
Functionalities of the Njangi
Since this is the very first season we decided to run the pilot face with only 12 steemians which we deemed trust worthy seeing as the basis for every any Njangi is trust. So the 12 members contribute 3SBD each every Sunday and one person upon request gets to be the Beneficiary. The rule of the Njangi is that 25%of the payout amount must be used to power up the account of the Beneficiary and the remaining 75% can be used as the used at the beneficiary's discretion.
So I will be the one benefitting from this Sunday's Njangi session.



How I plan to use the 75% of the Amount I will Benefit
So for some months now I have been saving up to start my women's accessories business at our @ecodesigns shop.
I work as a manager at @ecodesigns fashion designing hub, where beautiful men, women and children's outfits are made, and can say we have lots of people coming in to get dresses, so looking at it, I saw an opportunity to make a full fleshed fashion Shop, where aside from clothes, we will have accessories like

  • Shoes of all categories both male and female even children's.
  • jewellery
  • Handbags of all kinds
  • perfumes
  • Belts
    And consequently comestics.

So when I get my Njangi money together with my personal savings, I will be traveling to Douala to get the above mentioned items at our shop opposite providence Clinic at Foncha's Street Bamenda.





The shop is already set all I need now is money to get those goods and I'm good to go.
In my shop you will be able to buy using SBD without the stress of converting it to Cfa.

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Wow, i will want to recommend this will be cool for those of us who have kids saving us the stress to go the market to get kids stuffs.

I will be traveling to Douala to get the above mentioned items....

This just guarantee the quality of products you be selling. You really mean business @verlonji

13.05.2021 09:17

Thank you very much @fombae for your words of encouragement.

13.05.2021 19:11

Good morning @verlonji, it a great investment you are doing there, and all I can tell you is wishing you the best in your venture, and may God almighty be your driver as you travel to buy your business things.
happy sunday.

16.05.2021 06:56


17.05.2021 13:48

Amazing initiative... it's always amazing to see young people thinking entrepreneurial. Kudos as you embark on this journey

17.05.2021 13:50

I am proud of you Bibish and i wish you all the best in your business endeavor. You've proven to be an passionate about business and i am looking foward to this.
Remember to power-up and participate in the The Greens' Steem Bank Power Up Challenge:

@steemcurator01, we are using Steemit Njangi to support steemians as well as encourage them to power-up. So far, the Njangi tactics has been very successful.

17.05.2021 19:36

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