75 years since operation Market Garden

Today it is already 75 years back since Operation Market Garden was held. The allies held a offensive against the Germans in late september 1944. The offensive failed.... The bridge at Arnhem could'nt hold agains the German forces.

on the eight of May in honour of those who died and to remember the battle of Arnheim a big concert was held at the same bridge. It was the world Liberty Concert with a lot great musicans like Alan Parsons, UB40 and Cindy Lauper.

Source The full concert from YouTube

Market Garden was a huge operation from the air and a ground offensive from out Belgium. The idea was that the airborns would free all the important bridges along the Dutch rivers and the groundtroops could use the freed bridges to pass to more German territory to be freed.

The first drop of airborns went well but soon there were some problems. The landingzone of the british was to far from the bridge which made that only one bataljon reached the bridge. The american couldn't conquer the bridge at Nijmegen and the Germans blew the bridge at Son. Eventually after a hard fight the allies had to give up and would be evacuated from the place.

This operation is still a memorable fact of the history of World War II. And I think it is important to never been forgotten. It's the concrete on which our freedom is based.

The battle in Zutphen

My former hometown Zutphen lies within 30 KM from Arnheim and was also heavy fought during worldwar II.


On the picture you see the remains of "De ijsselbrug" after is was bombed by German Troops.
The bridge was restored and is still a big landmark of the Zutphen Skyline.


It is kind a strange to see that Zutphen had suffered big damages during WWII, and that there is nothing left over which reminds us of it. Of course there is a lot of history in books but nothing visual in the city itself.

This is the old watertower which still is there. In the late 90's the put appartments into it. I'll bet it would be a great place to live in whith a lot of history.


With the 75th anniversary of Operation Market Garden it is a good moment to think of those who gave their lives for our freedom. The determination to free Europe during the war was resepctable and the greatest offer man can make....

I also do think it is very important to teach our childeren about WWII and that freedom has come with a price. It is cliche biut as I noticed in my direct surrounding not naturally. Every year in Holland there is commemoration of the dead, it is on the 4th of May. At 20.00 hour there is a two minutes of silence. I always say to my kids that where ever they are they have to respect that.
They know that and they do it because of the memory of freedom and the way they live now is achieved by many soldiers who fought for this great good.

Have a memorable day,


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Great post, very interesting. I think as an American there are lot of these other battles that we never really learn about. Mostly just D-day and Pearl Harbor etc. I don't think I would want ti live in those apartments! Not enough windows!

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