Deck Profile: Bonkthatbutt's 34 Mana Turn

I talked with bonkthatbutt of Team Stream Team His Twitch who is currently rank 26 with their Death deck. To figure out how and why their deck works. At the time of this writing the deck is 14W-6L. He calls it 34 Mana Turn.

About the deck

You can find the deck details and stats on Unchained Stats The deck is a control deck built to get past the early game. Just keep stalling, just keep stalling, just keep stalling, stalling, stalling. Then we can have fun with our combos in the late game. We will win by destroying our opponents win conditions and playing one of our big combos.

Anhotep the Embalmer

The Cards

Mana Name # of cards
1 Backstreet Bouncer 2
1 Blight Bomb 2
2 Fanatic of Khnum 2
2 Runed Asp 2
2 Trojan Golem 1
3 Greed Banestrider 1
3 Jason, Medea's Muse 1
4 Dust to Dust 2
5 Amazon Hearteater 2
6 Avatar of Death 1
6 Blackblood Blast 2
6 Ocular Fiend 1
6 Reap 1
6 Rune Smuggler 2
7 Anhotep the Embalmer 1
7 Apocalypse Now 1
7 Demogorgon 2
8 Death, Unborn 1

God Power: Blood Ritual

  • Sucking the life out of your opponent and staying in the game
  • Pinging out creatures

Early Game

We are going to keep trading and clearing creatures. Sometimes they will build up, and we will Dust to Dust. Towards the end of the early game we are going to start focusing on getting creatures on the board for the extra stalling and clears.

Dust to Dust

Against Aggro Decks

We're going prioritizing unlocking mana ramping whenever possible by killing the opponent's creatures and with board clears. Again, we are stalling until the 6-7 mana unlocked to unleash our lethal damage on our opponent.

Against Control Decks

A match up against another control deck is going to result in a lot of passed turns and gaining resources on both sides. You'll need to keep Death, Unborn and Apocalypse Now to kill off creatures like Echophon, Atlantean Hydra and Avatar of Magic. Once their big bad is cleared we drop our Anhotep the Embalmer.

Against Mid-range / Combo Decks

This is a steady race. You are going to can use more of your clears in the early mid-game then you would with a control deck but if you can keep the board clear then the late game is yours.


Anyway, the deck gets the name from my favorite combo i've pulled off. Anhotep on 9 mana, make Echophon free taking 9 damage, give Echophon bloodlust, heal for up to 14... BOOM Deathwish Thanatar. So thats TECHNICALLY a 34 mana turn for 9 and could be 50 mana but its hard to justify running x2 Thanatars.
\- bonkthatbutt

Cards to play around

I guess you have to play around your temptation to use clears or sometimes not use them. Example: there maybe one or two 3 or less mana creatures on the board. You dont want to waste a dust to dust on them because theyre not threatening. Well against aggro that may be the right thing to do but against control you may never have a better chance to use it and it can be a dead card until the game ends. Another example is wanting to use Apocalypse now. Don't use it on basic creatures unless you really have to. Theres other clears and those ones dont go through ward or deal with annoying afterlifes.

The Meta

  • Burn Mage is a challenge as our deck does not provide enough creatures as targets. This means we don't reduce the burn spell in their hands, and they will take it out on you later.
  • Decks which have large amounts of resource generation. Like Nature Forage which just keeps providing potential answers when you want them to be running out of resource.

Last Call

Bonkthatbutt says this deck is the combined genius of his team which includes cautionfun and themudman. Another potentially strong deck with a solid Genesis Core in the heart of the deck.

See you next time.

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