Idea for a new book - Suggestions, Ideas, Information needed!

So I have been thinking a lot about Humanities Future for several years now, especially since joining Steemit over 2 years ago. I have posted numerous articles that touch on some parts of the idea I have for a book but I really want to get my fellow Steemians thoughts, suggestions, ideas, theories, etc. before I embark on writing something as in depth as this.

The title of the proposed book would be:

Ensuring Humanities Survival

Here is the draft Index of the book!

Table of Contents

• About the Author
• Preface
• Chapter 1: What challenges/problems does humanity face?
• Chapter 2: What will it take to ensure Humanities Survival?
• Chapter 3: Creating a Better Humanity!
• Chapter 4: Examining the societal impacts of Humans on more than one world!
• Chapter 5: Where would/should we we go?
• Chapter 6: How can we expand our civilization beyond Earth?
• Chapter 7: Establishing an Interplanetary Network!
• Chapter 8: Governing across multiple worlds!
• Chapter 9: Expanding our civilization beyond our own solar system!
• Chapter 10: Exploring the Milky Way and Beyond!

Any ideas, comments, suggestions, topics, theories, information you might have please share in the comments below. Thanks!


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