Safe-Spacing The Smart City: Edmonton-opolis’ New Virtual Safe Space Map for Women


Hello dear friends. I got a question for the women who read my posts. How safe do you feel in your city? Are there parts of the city where you feel less safe? Specifically, unsafe because of men. Maybe you get a lot of cat calls? Well, wouldn’t it be swell if the UN safe cities initiative could come in and safen up these areas, maybe UN-men these areas entirely 😉. How would that sound?


For the record I abhor violence towards anyone and I’ve never cat called a woman in my life. However, I feel that because this is a thing that happens to women, and women are particularly fearful of these things happening. It gives them the ostensible reason they need in order to make the transformations to the city. In ways that are far more nefarious in practise.

Whether it results in more police, cameras, FACIAL RECOGNITION, Drone surveillance, or areas of the city restricted based on gender. All I know is that it’s never just for the good of something, there’s always a sinister element of control involved.




What does the city say about the spy tool err I mean safety tool.






Okay, so I took a look at the map. I looked at it from my mobile, so I could only zoom out so far.

‘safe spaces’ marked


‘Unsafe spaces’ marked


Curious I picked a random spot to zoom in on.


A little closer


I found this amusing, one safe mark in the center of a bunch of unsafe marks. The majority were for “verbal harassment”. The safe mark: for “good lighting”. There’s no way to know who marked the spot and the reasons are multiple choice, so no context.

The unsafe choices.


The safe choices


Describe yourself: Age and Gender

Gender options (what, no unicorn?)



Like women, who generally feel less safe than men in most situations and environments. This is just a matter of physiological differences like testosterone, size and strength etc.

Women also are a lot more likely to use this map (which it’s really for Anyways) so naturally the bulk of the marks will be ‘unsafe’.

Quite honestly, I can’t see many men using a tool like this, to tell the city where the bad space touched them. We just don’t work like that. Unless of course, something bad happens, like getting jacked or whatever. Otherwise, this will be dominated by women.!


“UN Women address for Safe Cities and Safe Public Spaces Announcement”


Now remember, safe doesn’t mean private and certainly it doesn’t mean free either. Those things will have to go in order to achieve their goals here on Edmonton and anywhere that has adopted the UN SDGs.


80 - 85% okay sure, maybe.. You know, I see women out and about everyday, every where I go. I have never witnessed a cat call (not saying they don’t happen), I don’t have a visual image of the affect it has on a woman. I imagine it’s probably very frustrating at times.

However, this safe map is not going to make things better. Well, it may appear like streets are safer for women, but at what cost? A complete and total lack of freedom and privacy. Is that worth it to


Honestly though, I wish we lived in a world where women could trust me ( a total stranger), and call upon me on the street, to come and escort them, should they fee unsafe. I would love to protect, it’s in my blood to do so. When I hear distress, a scream etc, my adrenaline kicks up and I’m ready to jump into action should help be needed. I wish there were more men like that, that wouldn’t take advantage and do harm.

Regardless, I need to get the hell out of this (UN claimed) city. Thanks for reading and until next time.

Reporting from the BRAVE NEW WORLD, I am...


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13.07.2019 16:22

Maybe we could build a wall around a city.

Like, ummm, L.A.

And then kick all the men out, and then all the women will be safe inside their walled in city.

We won't allow men to come in, or women to go out to make sure the area stays safe. Especially anyone named "Snake"

13.07.2019 16:42

Sounds like a plan! 😂

16.07.2019 01:16