reGreta and The Time Travelling Darkroom


Hello dear friends. I thought I wasn’t going to make a post today, but this golden nugget fell into my lap. Did you see the news, ya guys? reGreta is a time twaveller! 😂




Wow, that’s quite a resemblance. Even the same two big braids in the hair. What an eerie coincidence huh? Let’s keep going. This is gonna get better.


Ooh, a new conspiracy theory! Calling all retards!


Yes, surely reGreta is from the future, who came to save us (from thinking). She also went back in time to work the gold mines for a bit. 😆

People can’t come from the future, because the future doesn’t exist! There’s only past and present, and the present is constantly becoming the past. Since the present is constantly becoming the past, there’s no fixed point in the present to go back to from the past. Therefore, you could never get back to the present time you were in, once you’ve travelled to the past. Make any sense?

Whatever, don’t quote me. That’s just my opinion.




“He, along with a lot of photographers, went up and dragged their equipment by dogsled, by boat,”

WOW! Even the photo shoot was environmentally friendly. That’s how reGreta would travel to the Yukon too! Dogsleds are so sustainable!


Take note of the travelling darkroom, just keep that in your mind for later.


No information on the identity of the ‘lookalike’. Isn’t it funny how that happens?


Don’t you think it’s weird how something so obscure just manages to go viral like that? Almost like it was hand-fed to the world, so that conspiritards will eat it up, and normies will have a laugh at them.

Okay so that’s the end of the story. Here’s the good part! Remember when I made that post of the worship of reGreta a month or so ago?

Veneration of The Climate Change Apostle

Well, when I was looking for new stories about our autistic superhero, I came across this little nugget of information. When, I saw this story, I had a thought of how they might use this. Well... let’s just get into it.





“As her schedule was tight, the photographer took his portable darkroom setup to the field and shot the images during Thunberg’s appearance at Standing Rock.”

Portable (travelling) darkroom! 😆 🤣

Oh, they think we’re so dumb! I mean most people are, but still. It’s so friggin obvious that this is a manufactured conspiracy to suck in idiots, and muddy the real conspiracy of this reGreta creature. Who we exposed months ago!

reGreta Saves The Planet (from critical thinking)


‘if I can get 15 minutes, we could immortalize Greta in the historic photographic process of silver on glass’

There ya go, reGreta is now timeless in history. She’s a time TWAVELLER ya guys!

Remember when reGreta fought the Morlocks?


reGreta loves to play the part, that’s what actresses do right?




Can you believe what they are doing to us? The crap they make up to muddy the waters! Honeypots for the hive-mineded. Well I ain’t no drone bee, I’m a Giant Japanese Wasp


I’m here to destroy the Hive and set humanity free again, one critically thinking post at a time. Thanks for swinging by this Friday afternoon. I hope you’ll be around tonight for another episode of Friday Night Frightz on Bitchute. Who knows, maybe reGreta might find her way (back in time) into this classic feature film. Thanks again so much and until next time.

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22.11.2019 21:04

LOL - she has come back from the future to save us from thinking - I like that!

22.11.2019 21:18

Wow, such a coincidence.
You would never expect such a "coincidence" to happen.
It is eerie how much of a "coincidence" this is.

Kinda like George Zeros just happened to have a boat at the yacht club near Greta's home where her dreams went missing.

These "coincidences" never cease to amaze.

22.11.2019 21:25


23.11.2019 10:29

What are you, a crazy coincidence theorist! 😝

23.11.2019 17:25

Well, being a conspiracy theorist part time and a conspiracy revealer the other part of the time, I have this to offer. Either 1. The photo is modern and a honey trap to discredit "conspiracy theorists" or 2. She's an immortal dark angel ( most angels do not have wings- we have been brainwashed) aka vampire.

23.11.2019 01:53

I’m confident that this is the first of the two scenarios.

23.11.2019 17:08

Me too. Good thing I keep the theories to a minimum. LOL!

23.11.2019 20:58

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23.11.2019 11:51

It's just a coincidence, look at enough photos in history over 150 years and you will find similarities for sure, doubles for us all.

23.11.2019 16:23

I personally think it’s a staged photo that was intentionally leaked to create a silly conspiracy.

I agree with you that doubles occur throughout history. Just not with this case, this is a manufactured situation 100%

Thanks for the comment. Have a great weekend!

23.11.2019 17:06

Yeah...  It's all pretty fishy. One thing I want to point out...  Now is the only thing that's real.  Past is mere memory, and future mere hope.

24.11.2019 03:02

reGreta XD

and then this gif:


05.12.2019 13:14

Nothing scares me more than Greta 😭 She haunts me when i close my eyes

07.12.2019 14:42