“Everyone Belongs To Everyone Else”: Destroying Monogamy


Hello dear friends. I trust you had a good weekend. I got some cleaning done, so I’m happy with it. 😁

So... have you noticed the promotion of polyamory in the news for the last year or so? Well, I have and I’ve had enough. It’s time to give some critical analysis of a CBC (Canadian Brainwashing Corporation) article.


So right off the start we see a photo that already shows favouritism within this supposedly happy union of three. Way to go CBC! 👏 😂

Kayleigh age 33 (shocker!) doesn’t want to put pressure on a single partner. However, once she turned to polyamory, she acknowledges their flaws. Well, why wouldn’t you apply that logic to single partner? She’s got her logic backwards. Which is of no surprise in our inverse clown world.

No, it’s not ideal for everyone, but It is ideal for a family. That’s where polyamory falls flat, the constant influx and instability of never settling down.

However, with a decades long attack on the family nucleus, where we see a divorce rate of about 50%. It’s clear that we are ‘progressively’ heading towards a future where family will mean something entirely different than it does today. Even now what people think when they think of family has been skewed.

Cheerios Celebrates Diversity with ‘It’s All Family

“1100 families”. Real actual factual families or ‘families’? But whatever you say right? Where’s the proof? Where do you register to be a polyamorous ‘family’?

triads and quads can be exclusive or open, meaning partners can have offshoot relationships. What’s the std rates among these groups? That’s what I’d like to know. They keep saying there’s a rise in STDs in my city. Is there a connection there that’s being missed?

There’s jealousy. Oh, but no more than a monogamous relationship. LoL that entirely depends on the health of your relationship. If you are a solo poly. There’s no stability in your love life, and naturally there will be jealousy among one another, because there’s no devotion. It’s you until something better or just more appealing at the time comes along.

There ya go, identifying by your sexuality. How many of you identify by your sexual preferences? Do I go around proclaiming my monogamy? Am I known as monogamous venomnymous? Or... venomonogamous? 😂 okay, I’ll stop.

Look at that “UR Pride” pride is your sexuality and gender? What is that? Well For those Christian folks pride is the number 1 sin. To me it’s a form of narcissism.

I mean, there are things in which you can take pride in. Such as pride in your work, your career, your achievements, etc, things you actually do, that are contributions to humanity.

However, pride in your sexual degeneracy, that’s nothing, that’s a selfie culture seeking Self-attributes for merely existing. That’s mental illness that the youth is being programmed into embracing.

Oh, well naturally. I never had such a misconception, because the more you complicate a situation, the less secure you feel in yourself.

Miss Kazakoff admits that she only shares with her partners what they are comfortable with. She also admits that she requires a heads up of her partner’s intentions with a new partner(s) are. She has to mentally prepare herself not to be jealous, yet how can she truly know she’s getting complete honesty from her partners?

What’s loyalty among people that latch on to the newest thing that comes around?

Wait what? There’s scheduling issues with polyamory? No way! Problems on holidays? You’re blowing my mind.


Well how come? Aren’t you a polyamory ‘family’ after all? Oh, why won’t people just understand, the commitment has to be spread out equally, or jealously will rear its ugly head.

“Compersion” is a new word to me. Sounds like fetish to me, a kink.

Sure, doing things differently is okay (along as it’s among adults and consensual). However, when it’s being promoted in the media over and over, it’s not okay, it’s social engineering.

I’ll provide a few examples.

ASAP Science (garbage nwo science for idiots) spreads its cancer about why humans are monogamous. Spoiler alert: they never once mention the most important reason. Can guess what that is?..... FAMILY!




Aww how adorable! Well there’s your case for the polyamous family. It happened in natur.. a refuge. That mean it works in practice right?

Ahh this screams of the gay penguin parents they pushed in the media.


Isn’t it interesting how they gave them a dummy egg first? It’s like they were training them to perform a trick. 😉

ind it really interesting that whenever there is an issue in the news cycle, mostly with subjects involving human behavior. Almost immediately following we will have a story reported on a where there is an example of that situation occurring in nature.

The recent cannibal push to fight climate change.


My coverage of the cannibalism agenda

Social Engineering The Discussion: EAT THE BABIES

Got Cannibalism? How and Why it’s Being Normalized

The gender debate.



Do you see a pattern yet?

Perhaps we should search for news stories talking about polyamory?


Wow, this one is from almost a year ago. Look how it targets women. Almost an attack on their feminism, challenging them to rise to the level of all those slimy cheating men. lol

Oh, the manipulation!

So does the long term partner have seniority? Like say, you wanted to have a baby, who gets to impregnate you? Wait, do you plan on having kids?

Do any of these women have or plan to have kids? Well no, because they are the kids. They are the ones living in suspended adolescence.

There’s not monogamous couple that are very much living in their suspended adolescence, for other reasons. However, this polyamorous lifestyle just sounds like a very immature way to live your life. It’s certainly doesn’t seem to have room to grow in responsibility, where you could become prepared to eventually start a family.

How are you any less codependent? You simply added another person to be codependent with.

Sorry, but don’t you mean “stable in your relationshipS”? I think you forgot the S there. Or did you mean that you only feel stable in one of your two relationships? C’mon Rose!

🎵Every Rose has its thorn, err thorns!🎵

What’s your relationships really about Rose? Starting a family? No. Is it about your own narcissism? BINGO!!!

Geez Rose! You sound kind of judgy of those 12 plus polys.

You know there used to be this thing called friendship. Where you could be close to another male or a female, except you didn’t mash your genitals together. Wild concept I know, but it did happen.

Personal awareness of what? STDs? How are you growing as a person when you act like a horny teenager? What future does a polyamorous relationship hold?

Yes, I agree the promotion of polyamory in the media is doing more harm than good for monogamy. Mainly young women, who they are clearly targeting. Could you imagine the shit they would get if they were to aim this at men? Omg the outrage over pushing ‘the player’ aka male whore. However, if you push it to women, well that’s feminism!

Don’t have a real relationship with someone. Certainly don’t have a family, Kids are bad! They pollute the planet and make women miserable.



Happily Ever Alone: Woman “Happiest Without Children or a Husband”

I don’t care if you are a poly or in an open marriage, gay, whatever! It doesn’t matter, live how you want. What matters is the fact that monogamy has and always has been the foundation of the family nucleus, that’s what’s under attack here, when we see the promotion of anything other than that.

It’s one thing acknowledge and tolerate those who want to live unconventionally. However, when we bring those fringe groups to the forefront, we are telling the youth, “look at this, don’t you want to live like this? Look how happy everyone is! Look at all the attention they get for “being their authentic selves”

They come at us in the name of #loveislove, but really it means #SexisSex. Sex is identity, and it is anything but sexual reproduction. The real purpose for all these “other ways of doing things” is depopulation. That’s always been up at the forefront in the objectives of the new world order.


“Well, from population control, the natural next step then was sex. He said sex must be separated from reproduction. Sex is too pleasurable, and the urges are too strong, to expect people to give it up. Chemicals in food and in the water supply to reduce the sex drive are not practical. The strategy then would be not to diminish sex activity, but to increase sex activity, but in such a way that people won't be having babies.” - The New Order of Babarians

The hypocrisy of the msm.




Note: I snapped that screen shot on November 5th, yet the article says it was edited in the future at 1:40pm November 6th?


Here we see two articles in direct contradiction of each other. One giving out the truth, because are fertility is indeed crashing, especially in the west.

My country’s government even knows this (is doing nothing to figure out why) and has predicted that our population growth will be 100% through immigration by 2036.



Predictive Programming

To see where all this is taking us, there really isn’t any better book (in the fictional genre) than Brave New World by Aldous Huxley. Written in 1932 this literary blueprint for the future has been so on the mark, it’s freaky.

However, if you look into the author’s background, and his family. It’s clear that this wasn’t a warning, it was predictive programming, it was Indefinitely what was to come.

Spies in Academic Clothing: The Untold History of MKULTRA and the Counterculture – And How the Intelligence Community Misleads the 99%

Excerpt of Chapter 3 From Brave New World:

Mustapha Mond leaned forward, shook a finger at them. "Just try to realize it," he said, and his voice sent a strange thrill quivering along their diaphragms. "Try to realize what it was like to have a viviparous mother."

That smutty word again. But none of them dreamed, this time, of smiling. "Try to imagine what 'living with one's family' meant." They tried; but obviously without the smallest success. "And do you know what a 'home' was?" They shook their heads.

Home, home–a few small rooms, stiflingly over-inhabited by a man, by a periodically teeming woman, by a rabble of boys and girls of all ages. No air, no space; an understerilized prison; darkness, disease, and smells. (The Controller's evocation was so vivid that one of the boys, more sensitive than the rest, turned pale at the mere description and was on the point of being sick.)

And home was as squalid psychically as physically. Psychically, it was a rabbit hole, a midden, hot with the frictions of tightly packed life, reeking with emotion. What suffocating intimacies, what dangerous, insane, obscene relationships between the members of the family group! Maniacally, the mother brooded over her children (her children) … brooded over them like a cat over its kittens; but a cat that could talk, a cat that could say, "My baby, my baby," over and over again. "My baby, and oh, oh, at my breast, the little hands, the hunger, and that unspeakable agonizing pleasure! Till at last my baby sleeps, my baby sleeps with a bubble of white milk at the corner of his mouth. My little baby sleeps …" "Yes," said Mustapha Mond, nodding his head, "you may well shudder."

Our Ford–or Our Freud, as, for some inscrutable reason, he chose to call himself whenever he spoke of psychological matters–Our Freud had been the first to reveal the appalling dangers of family life. The world was full of fathers–was therefore full of misery; full of mothers–therefore of every kind of perversion from sadism to chastity; full of brothers, sisters, uncles, aunts–full of madness and suicide. "And yet, among the savages of Samoa, in certain islands off the coast of New Guinea …"

The tropical sunshine lay like warm honey on the naked bodies of children tumbling promiscuously among<# the hibiscus blossoms. Home was in any one of twenty palm-thatched houses. In the Trobriands conception was the work of ancestral ghosts; nobody had ever heard of a father.

"Extremes," said the Controller, "meet. For the good reason that they were made to meet."

Mothers and fathers, brothers and sisters. But there were also husbands, wives, lovers. There were also monogamy and romance.

"Though you probably don't know what those are," said Mustapha Mond. They shook their heads. Family, monogamy, romance. Everywhere exclusiveness, a narrow channelling of impulse and energy.

"But every one belongs to every one else," he concluded, citing the hypnopædic proverb. The students nodded, emphatically agreeing with a statement which upwards of sixty-two thousand repetitions in the dark had made them accept, not merely as true, but as axiomatic, self-evident, utterly indisputable.

"Think of water under pressure in a pipe." They thought of it. "I pierce it once," said the Controller. "What a jet!" He pierced it twenty times. There were twenty piddling little fountains.

"My baby. My baby …!" "Mother!" The madness is infectious. "My love, my one and only, precious, precious …"

Mother, monogamy, romance. High spurts the fountain; fierce and foamy the wild jet. The urge has but a single outlet. My love, my baby. No wonder these poor pre-moderns were mad and wicked and miserable. Their world didn't allow them to take things easily, didn't allow them to be sane, virtuous, happy. What with mothers and lovers, what with the prohibitions they were not conditioned to obey, what with the temptations and the lonely remorses, what with all the diseases and the endless isolating pain, what with the uncertainties and the poverty–they were forced to feel strongly. And feeling strongly (and strongly, what was more, in solitude, in hopelessly individual isolation), how could they be stable?

"Stability," said the Controller, "stability. No civilization without social stability. No social stability without individual stability." His voice was a trumpet. Listening they felt larger, warmer. The machine turns, turns and must keep on turning–for ever. It is death if it stands still. A thousand millions scrabbled the crust of the earth. The wheels began to turn. In a hundred and fifty years there were two thousand millions. Stop all the wheels. In a hundred and fifty weeks there are once more only a thousand millions; a thousand thousand thousand men and women have starved to death.

Wheels must turn steadily, but cannot turn untended. There must be men to tend them, men as steady as the wheels upon their axles, sane men, obedient men, stable in contentment.

Crying: My baby, my mother, my only, only love groaning: My sin, my terrible God; screaming with pain, muttering with fever, bemoaning old age and poverty–how can they tend the wheels? And if they cannot tend the wheels … The corpses of a thousand thousand thousand men and women would be hard to bury or burn.

"Stability," insisted the Controller, "stability. The primal and the ultimate need. Stability. Hence all this." With a wave of his hand he indicated the gardens, the huge building of the Conditioning Centre, the naked children furtive in the undergrowth or running across the lawns.

Impulse arrested spills over, and the flood is feeling, the flood is passion, the flood is even madness: it depends on the force of the current, the height and strength of the barrier. The unchecked stream flows smoothly down its appointed channels into a calm well-being. (The embryo is hungry; day in, day out, the blood-surrogate pump unceasingly turns its eight hundred revolutions a minute. The decanted infant howls; at once a nurse appears with a bottle of external secretion. Feeling lurks in that interval of time between desire and its consummation. Shorten that interval, break down all those old unnecessary barriers. "Fortunate boys!" said the Controller. "No pains have been spared to make your lives emotionally easy–to preserve you, so far as that is possible, from having emotions at all." "Ford's in his flivver," murmured the D.H.C. "All's well with the world."

"Consider your own lives," said Mustapha Mond. "Has any of you ever encountered an insurmountable obstacle?" The question was answered by a negative silence.

"Has any of you been compelled to live through a long time-interval between the consciousness of a desire and its fufilment?" "Well," began one of the boys, and hesitated. "Speak up," said the D.H.C. "Don't keep his fordship waiting."

"I once had to wait nearly four weeks before a girl I wanted would let me have her." "And you felt a strong emotion in consequence?"

"Horrible!" "Horrible; precisely," said the Controller. "Our ancestors were so stupid and short-sighted that when the first reformers came along and offered to deliver them from those horrible emotions, they wouldn't have anything to do with them."

If you still think this creep was just telling a story. Just listen to this interview with the man himself. He really believes in orgies as a therapy for society.

“These methods do work and I don’t think its past the whit of man to see how these methods could be applied on a mass scale throughout education on every level from kindergarten to the PhD”


Well I’m sold! C’mon people!


Kidding of course. Thank you so much for joining me again, in another one of my journeys through the bullshit hole 🕳 of mainstream media propaganda. I’ll see you tomorrow on bitchute with another installment of “Friday Night Frightz”. Thanks again and until next time.

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07.11.2019 20:40

Media pandering to the minority to make them seem more then the are.

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07.11.2019 21:29

medias : destroying civilization to protect child rapists.

you don't see it's all about legalizing child rape this polyshow?

anyway, I don't waste my time with this...

pla will smash you if you come too close, a distance defined by PLA :D...

08.11.2019 09:41

Well, in the future, families are going to stay together for the kids.

However, the definition of family will probably be something more like tribe, group.

There will no longer be any marriage because you want to have children.
The family/tribe will decide when it is appropriate to have offspring. When they can support the child physically and have enough free time to raise the child emotionally.

And what will really get feministas goat is that the child will no longer be considered the mothers. The child is part of the tribe/family.

Women do not want to be tied down to one man.
And so, the men will stop tying them down.

And women will lose the being-provided-for status that they have been accustomed.

Lastly, many women are losing their ability to reproduce.
Giving up your femininity and not protecting your womb has dire consequences.
Meaning, no children. Barren. Useless to a family.

07.11.2019 23:29

If by “tribe group” you mean the state and by ‘have offspring’. You mean produced in a laboratory. I would agree.

However, from my observations the future is lab produced offspring. Children won’t belong to parents because they will no longer have parents.

Both men and women are losing their fertility globally. The depopulation agenda is working.

Thanks for the comments. I appreciate the alternative view.

07.11.2019 23:48

There are problems with producing in a laboratory.

There are all kinds of metaphysics involved in creating a child.
Just using physics won't cut it.

You end up with a thing that dies quickly.
(like the cloned goat)

And right now modern materialistic science doesn't believe in metaphysics.

08.11.2019 06:39

Well dolly, lived for about 10 years. There’s also a booming business in dog cloning


Now you have to realize that their technology is always far more advanced than they let the public know.

From what they’ve allowed us to know, they have already been able to create human life on a few occasions.

Artificial wombs are a reality, and will eventually been a commercial product.


It’s more than likely that not only will lab created humans be a thing in the future. It will be the standard.

08.11.2019 12:56