Luna - Classical Guitar


I wrote this during another dark moment in my past. It has a certain beauty that can only come from being emotionally destroyed. Enjoy!/@vegasbaby/20190809t030608120z-luna-classical-guitar

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Heellooo @vegasbaby, and nice to dSound you! :-) Actually, if it wasn't for your releasing comment, I would have considered this precious piece as a pure expression of serenity and relaxation... Were there what you've experienced when you were hitting bottom, in those dark moments?

09.08.2019 04:10

Thank you @ijatz for your kind words. Oftentimes, these trying moments have brought out the best in my writing. I believe this to be true for any artist. My only wish is to one day be able to pursue this crazy dream and have it sustain me both financially and emotionally. Creation is the greatest high, no drug comes close.

11.08.2019 19:26