Beautiful Blue - Melodic Synth Strings


When I purchased my first keyboard, I had an amazing feeling of accomplishment. Up to this point, I had written two albums. One was 90's techno and the other was classical guitar. My gear was primitive for both but my passion was equal to the task.

As opposed to editing, modifying and manipulating loops like I did with the first album, I now had a keyboard and my piano skills would finally contribute to my creativity. Piano was my first instrument, classical guitar was my second. And although I don't consider myself an accomplished pianist or guitarist, I am an accomplished composer...or at the very least, a determined one.

This song was dedicated to someone very special in my life. They say that it's better to regret what you have done than what you haven't. One of my biggest life regrets was to emotionally discard this person as if I'd find a better replacement. Not sure if that falls under have or haven't but what could've been had I known what I know now would've completely altered my present. The pain and guilt are still quite palpable to this day.

Maybe one of you have felt this loss. I hope this song can guide you through that pain and take you to a better place. Enjoy.!/@vegasbaby/20190817t190650239z-beautiful-blue-melodic-synth-strings

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