It Pays to Show Love

One of the greatest challenges for humanity is inequality. There is a great divide between those who are economically well-to-do and those who can barely eat three square meals. Yet, it seems that there is nothing we can do about it since some theorists have said that inequality is a natural phenomenon - 'all fingers are not equal'. It is true that all fingers are not equal, yet, no one finger feeds without the support of the other. This is why we must begin to understand that it is important to live for others.

When Mother Theresa was alive, she lived a life of care and ensured that the needy around her received support as much as she can. She admonished us thus: "If you can't feed hundreds, then feed one". In her message of love, she aptly noted that "... the poor do not need our sympathy and pity. The poor need our love and compassion". It is not enough to feel sorry for that man sleeping on the street under a winter cold or a scorching summer sun. All he needs from you is not pity but support. We can change the lives of those around us if we care.

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It is a pity that several charity organizations are spread around the world but most of these charities are only out there to exploit the vulnerable and amass wealth. Whenever we neglect those in need, we cut the ties that connect each of us as humans. Whenever you help someone in need or those in dire difficulties, you are recognizing that person as part of humanity. It pays to care because by doing so, we show that humanity is invaluable.

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