BTC is going down Down Down Why

this is not a advice
do anyone know why btc going down?
do i kep buy and what price will i buy next?
what will i do if btc kep going down?
is this a big fear or is just a bear trap ?

first i just want to say to you guys who fear the market that drop hard right now, we have try this be4 and i think every thing will go up when all this is happen with the world right now, and remmeber
this ! 31.jpg

i Think some big rich guys is playing with the market, but i will kep my coin and not selling right now is fall but in 1 or 10 year when you look back at this you will laughs.
my next buy is 3k if it drop to there.
i just say what i will do. dont follow me what i doing. see btc drop so much i just want make a post and say i love btc and i belive in btc!


i know it not fun to see you losing money. but you has only lost your money when you selling it now. if you kep btc you still got your money!
tell me below what you guys gone do?

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