open 110 booster pack from splinterlands gold card part 1

this is not an advice, you most do what best for you !
ok guys i just buy 110 pack with 200000 dec splinterlands give me back 10% of it as steem power, i think is a very good deal and cheap+ you will get exter airdrop later on ! i very happy for has buy this booster for i also get a gold legendary foil card !

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ETH. 0x7867b49a5d39e9a33df0a7fbf17eea3ec93e3010

TYVM guys

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Comments 5

Congrats on gfl

14.02.2020 03:00

Ty. 😀

14.02.2020 08:12

The promotion is really cool and comes and a great time. A lot of people want to get more SP right now and DEC is at a discount.

14.02.2020 10:53

tyvm for the upvote :)

14.02.2020 11:24

14.02.2020 19:18