Zanzibar is turtlely AWESOME!!

Zanzibar is turtlely AWESOME!!

How's it going Travelfeeders and Steemers??

Let me continue my Zanzibar trip with the following morning.

Our jet lag was still in full effect. So we were awake at 4am and decided to go and walk the streets of Stone Town.

The sun still hadn't risen and after turning three corners we found ourself lost again in the maze..

The streets were as empty as my wallet when Renee goes past some tourist treasures. The sun finally came up and we found our way back to our hotel.

We sat and chilled out the front when a man carrying a hessian bag started to walk towards us. We could hear the sound of a cat meowing. We thought is this guy carrying a bag with a cat in it?? It was way too early in the morning to deal with this kind of shit haha.

As he came closer the meowing got louder. Then he approached Renee and opened the bag. As he opened it Renee stuck here head into it to see what was inside. The man shook the bag and then made the meow sound from his mouth haha

It scared the shit out of Renee and we all had a laugh 😂

What a funny guy! At 5am fucking with tourists like that. As he walked off he made a super loud rooster noise that echoed through the streets. I knew right away we were in for a good day!

8.30am we were on our way to Prison Island.

Prison Island was actually never a prison. It ended up being a quarantine for people with yellow fever.

We headed down to the beach to find our boat "The Gladiator. " Jumped on board and set sail to Prison Island.

30 minutes later we arrive to beautiful white sand and only two other boats on shore.

Now one thing I didn't mention is that Prison Island is now home to around 200 tortoises!!

These ancient dinosaurs were incredible to see in real life. And we got to feed them lettuce!

Just watch your fingers.

We hung out with the tortoises for a while then checked out the rest of the island. Then headed back to Stone town.

Our next mission was to the Rock restaurant on the entire other side of the island. One and a half hours later we arrive at this!!

Restaurant perched ontop of a rock in the ocean.

Not only was this a scenic spot but the seafood platter was on point!

We left the restaurant with our belly's full and our wallets empty. Back in the car to head to the north of the island to our hotel.

Along the way we stopped at a "sea turtle rehabilitation centre"

It is a natural lagoon that is tidal with the sea. So this is home to the 30 plus rescued green sea turtles.

All these turtles have been saved from fishing nets and are kept here until they recover.

Now you can feed these turtles and even go for a swim with them. Now I'm not sure how good this is for their rehabilitation. But it sure was a cool experience to be able to swim with all of these turtles.

Then our final destination Sunset Bungalows at Nungwi beach. Just in time for the sunset😊

Backed it up with another seafood platter then a couple of drinks and called it a night.

Man that was an amazing day! We travelled the entire Zanzibar, this place is paradise!

Well until the next WiFi spot....

Happy travels!

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