Grinding a balance rail on my rollerblades Dtube Video

How's it going DTUBE & STEEMERS??
Click on the image above to watch the video :)

So its been awhile since I have had a roll on my skates.
Work and life seems to have taken priority at the moment but it is always good to dust of the skates and test out your balance skills.

This hand rail in the park next to Ferny Grove skatepark in Brisbane, is always a fun session.

The rail is a great height so you don't have to jump so high, and the rail has kinks in it which makes it tricky to find the right balance point as it keeps changing just as you find your balance point.

None the less its a good work out and your having fun at the same time. So its a win win situation when skating balance rails.

I'll try and post up some more skating clips soon.

Happy ladings !!

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