JR train ride - Peoplephotography by worldcapture Week #30"

How's it going Steemers?

I would like to share this photo I took of my friends while we were travelling on a train in Japan.

This photo is a rare moment when you actually get to sit down on a Japanese train 😊

On our trip in Japan we caught the JR train everywhere we went. We bought a Jr pass so we could travel all over Japan for one flat price. It was worth every yen we spent on it.

We used the JR pass multiple times everyday and even travelled on the bullet train to get from Tokyo to Osaka. Osaka to Kyoto. Kyoto to Kaminoyama Onsen then back to Tokyo.
All of this plus all the everyday train rides we sure did get our moneys worth from the JR ticket 👍

I highly recommend purchasing the JR pass if you plan on travelling around Japan. And buy the pass online before you go to Japan as it is alot cheaper that way.

This is also my entry for the Peoplephotography Contest hosted by @worldcapture.

PS, this is my first post on Palnet.io and I'm pretty excited about this new steemit fronted 😁

Thanks for stopping by 👍

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Are trains normally that empty in Japan? Doesn't seem like them they usually try to cram people in and be as efficient as possible or did you just happen to get lucky. Also welcome to the palnet life!

04.07.2019 07:09

Haha No they are normally super packed! We were lucky on this trip everyone got at a station and it was empty until the next station 😊

04.07.2019 08:55

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09.07.2019 07:49