Goulburn skate comp road trip Australia

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I would like to share with you a video I put together from our road trip from Brisbane Queensland to Goulburn New South Wales. That we did in 2011 for the Goulburn fruit jam competition.

We started the trip with a session at our local skate park Ramp Attak, which was a super fun session, then we loaded up the cars and left that night for the 11 and a half hour drive to Goulburn.

We decided to go straight to Canberra in the ACT which is just passed Goulburn to catch up with the Canberra crew and have a session in their city.

Man do they have some awesome skate parks and street spots!

Then finally made our way to the Goulburn fruit jam.

Man was this a fun comp. Everyone through down and was a great day with no major injuries!

Here are the results from the comp -

1. Cj Wellsmore
2. Josh Nielson
3. Hadrian Bastouil
4. Rhys Bell, Kieran Deans (tie)
5. Danny Jensen
6. Hayden Golder
7. Brock Midgley
8. Paulie Haack, Shane Onus, Johnny Jensen (tie)

Thanks for stopping by and happy landings !

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