Getting to know: Kiyoshi! (Part 2)

Thank you all for your warm responses and interest in mine and Kiyoshi's Journey thus far, let's get back to it!

We left off last time after touching on the journey from when I first received Kiyosh, to 6 months of life, continuing on we will take an image filled adventure through the passed few years as we see Kiyoshi grow from the 6 month old Akita pup that he was, into the dignified and distinguished guardian that he has become. Let's continue:

20151012_075543.jpg(Oh to be outside again....)
(I tired doggy)

Speaking of outside, during the first year of Kiyoshi's life we didn't have a fenced in yard, so all the outside time he got was from walks around the neighborhood and his favorite park, but a house with a fenced in yard was always part of the plan when getting a dog like Kiyoshi, I hold nothing against people who get large breeds that live in apartments or without yards but a sprawling territory to call their own is a desire that most if not all large breed dogs desire, and it is something I always wanted to be able to provide for Kiyoshi, you can see the almost "longing" in his eyes in the first pic above, and perhaps I am anthropomorphizing a bit here but I truly believe a dog(especially a large breed) is happiest with a large open outside area to play and stretch its legs.

So when Kiyoshi was a little over a year old that became a reality!

(Me and my yard~!! Ohhh yeah bark bark baby!)

Even in the winter time, or should I say ESPECIALLY in the winter time, Kiyoshi loves to be in the yard, he is a true snowdog through and through:
20161212_090057.jpg!!20161212_090101 2.jpg
(Loving Life)

With his yard, a loving owner and 'pack' to protect, healthy and hearty meals, all was well in Kiyoshi's world. But my Dad felt like something was still missing from his life, maybe not something, but a someone... Being an Akita not bred for temperment, he was very well socialized as a growing pup and even as he reached adulthood, but male Akita's tend to take an alpha role in the dog world, and often don't find themselves getting along well with other dogs, such was the case for Kiyoshi. For even the slightest foreign dog "correction" would result in that other dog literally getting body slammed and pinned and what was leading to something lethal before I ran over and had to literally peel him off the poor sheperd... or rotty... or pit... or dane... who had no idea what they were getting into, Kiyoshi was/is extremely well trained, he just will not take shit from any other dog who is bigger than 20lb, like most Akita's this prevented me from being able to take him to any dog parks..

So he can't get along with other dogs, but longed for some "Dogpanionship" , this left me in quite a predicament... So the only option left that MIGHT work, the only other dog that he MIGHT be able to be friends with and tolerate, had to be female, the same breed, and it would increase chances of success A LOT if it was... related to him! This led to the eventual 1 in 100 chance of getting a lifelong buddy, we had him sire a litter with a local Akita kennel owner's female Akita. Incase y'all aren't aware when you "stud" out your male dog, breeding etiquette dictates the sire's owner gets the pick of the litter. Well remember in the last post how I told y'all he comes from champion stock? Well it was one and done LOL, all it took was one mating session before the kennel owner called us up to tell us Nalah was pregnant! I was overjoyed, and could not wait to hear more.

After a short period of pregnancy, a healthy litter of 5 Akita pups came into the world. 3 males, 2 females(thank goodness some females!) and 8 weeks later I found myself bringing Kiyoshi's daughter home, world, say hello to......

But would this turn out to be the:
Match made in heaven we were all hoping for??

Find out next time in "Getting to know: Keiko!"

Thank you for following along thus far and getting to know my loving companions!


We'll see ya next time!

P.S. If you missed part 1 you can find it here:

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Wow man that is a great story, reminds me of the film Hachi, they also had their dog in the yard. You are a good man👌 because I think every dog is sad staying in the same place all day long.
But it’s interesting for me how do you feed your dog, do you give it everyday meet, maybe it is eating a lot and now with the little baby

06.10.2019 06:09

Thank you so much for your kind words, Hachiko was a great film! I feed my Akitas Eukanuba Adult blend, because it has the special ingredients to keep their hips and heart healthy, I also feed them a protein rich diet of red meat (90/10 lean ground beef, cooked with cubed beef steak 2-4 times a week). I used to feed them more meat than kibble but they started to snub the kibble and only want beef of course LOL. So I have it down to a science now, dry food(Eukanuba) Monday,Wed,Friday,Sun, and I cook them beef on tuesdays/Thursdays/Saturdays. Yes they eat alot while they are growing! Keiko is in that phase now, Kiyoshi doesn't eat as much as he used to but can still pound down some steak and kibbles when he's hungry! I have never fed them raw meat as he always preferred it cooked and seasoned a bit(with sea salt, no garlic or onion). Some may say they are spoiled, but the love and affection they give me is worth it, it's not spoiling your dog to care for them like you would a human child =) If I love them and they are healthy, it's all good!

06.10.2019 10:20

I am in the fan club here! Love it and did you know there is a shadows contest on steemit .... yes another tag and contest. Go look it up for more steem fun
Upvoted friend

06.10.2019 10:50

Thanks @brittandjosie I will be sure to check it out! (all these tags ahhhhhhh lol)

06.10.2019 22:12

Very nice! I didn't know those dogs were so complicated. I'm glad that it all turned out well.

Congratulations on being featured by @brittandjosie in an entry for the Pay It Forward Contest

08.10.2019 09:51

Thank you so much! Yeah they definitely can be a handful if you don't have the experience and know how lol.

12.10.2019 05:42