Pre-Launch Announcement: VAULT Club Membership Tokens

We have been operating Bitcoin’s first physical gold order book exchange worldwide for almost 5 years now. Finally, it’s time to give something back to our amazing users!

Vault Club Membership Token

The pre-launch of the club membership token VAULT is starting today. Before we reach out to the general public there is now the unique chance to get lots of VAULT tokens easily and in a very uncomplicated way.
From August 15th to September 4th, VAULT will be exclusively available for members of our referral program.
Sign-in to Vaultoro, go to the “Referral” section, claim your unique link and start receiving the first-ever VAULT today.

What is VAULT?

A token modelled after Binance’s BNB and designed to pay for utilities and services within the Vaultoro ecosystem.
VAULT’s first functionality is that of a voucher, that can be used for reducing trading fees. Everyone holding VAULT will be able to settle their trading fees using the token.

How many VAULT can I receive?

We are rewarding people with 300 VAULT per verified users. 200 for the referrer and 100 to the referee. The top 10 referrers will also receive a bonus pot at the end of each week!

Don’t want to refer people, but want to get your hands on some VAULT?

No problem. If you buy Vaultoro equity from the equity crowd sale on you will also be rewarded VAULT token as a bonus.
The crowdfunding campaign will go live in mid-September 2019.

Why should I hold VAULT?

Currently, VAULT can be received through our referral program by verified Vaultoro users exclusively. However, buyers of Vaultoro Equity on our BNKTOTHEFUTURE equity crowdfunding campaign in mid-September will also receive VAULT as a bonus for buying equity. Public trading will start Q1 2020.

These are some of the benefits you’ll get

  • Discounts on trading fees and other Vaultoro services
  • Voting rights for new coin listings and features
  • Priority service from our support team
  • Beta access to new Vaultoro products and features
  • Access to the future Vaultoro Launchpad

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Originally posted on the Official Vaultoro Blog, August 15, 2019.

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