Me am Strong

A young Tarrasque of the age of twelve sits on a bed while playing with action figures. He clashes them against one another as if they were in a wrestling match. One lifting the other one up into a powerslam onto the bed. Tarrasque makes a sound as if the crowd were going wild.

Tarrasque drops the toys to the bed when he hears an explosion. He then hears his parents screaming and gunfire. His door is kicked in and a man in black carapace armor (think Star Wars Stormtroopers) points a gun at Tarrasque’s head.

Man: I have (redacted) right here.

Tarrasque: What have you done with my parents? Cecila?

The man puts the gun away and retrieves another from a holster.

Man: This is for your own good, kid.

More gunfire goes off in the background, keeping Tarrasque at an alarmed state, concerned for his family. He rushes at the man, spearing him into the wall. The man points the gun down at Tarrasque’s back and fires at tranquilizer dart into it. Tarrasque batters at the man’s armored chest while screaming in rage.

Tarrasque: What have you done with my family?

The man knocks Tarrasque down, pointing the gun at him again. He fires a second tranquil dart into Tarrasque’s chest.

Man: We killed your family. You’re lucky we need you alive.

Tarrasque: My family? You...killed my family?

Tarrasque jumps to his feet, knocks the gun from the man’s hand, and shoves him against the wall again. He punches the man in the midsection over and over again, cracking the armor. The man brings an elbow down against Tarrasque’s small frame, knocking him down.

The man picks his gun up and fires a third tranq dart into him. Tarrasque falls unconscious to the floor. The man puts away the gun and feels his midsection where the cracked armor is.

Man: Son of a bitch that fucking hurts.

The man picks Tarrasque up and carries him out of the house, stepping over Tarrasque’s dead parents as he does so.

“Pay fucking attention!”

Adult Tarrasque blinks as he’s smacked in the back of the head by his handler, Alex Johnson. He’s in the middle of working a bench press when he slipped out to the Akashic Records to try to remember more of his past and finally hear what his name is since he has long since forgotten it. No matter what, it seems to be blocked out. Alex Johnson places both hands on the barbell that Tarrasque has in the air. He tries to press down with his weight, but the barbell doesn’t budge.

Johnson: I brought you here to work out so that you can burn off the billion fucking calories that you ingested at the buffet. I can’t believe that you ate so much that they kicked us out.

As a result of the methods used to transform Tarrasque into the mountain of muscle that he is today, his caloric requirements are much higher than the normal man. Suffice to say that Tarrasque is almost always hungry.

Tarrasque: Me have big...appe...a...appetite.

Tarrasque pushes the barbell up, nearly lifting Alex Johnson off of his feet. He yelps and backs away from Tarrasque.

Johnson: You have to concentrate, Tarrasque! You will be facing Anthony Caffrey in a Last Man Standing match. He was the greatest champion of AXW history and has promised to go undefeated this year. You gotta be the one to defeat him!

Tarrasque works the barbell with a wide grin.

Tarrasque: Him am strong. Me am strong. We have good fight.

Alex sighs, lighting up a cigarette.

Johnson: This isn’t time to enjoy the idea of a stiff battle. It’s time to figure out the best way to win. Fair battle be damned. He isn’t going to play fair with you!

Tarrasque just shrugs, belting out a few more repetitions with the barbells.

Tarrasque: Me am strong. Him no play fair? Me break him!

A gym attendant walks up to Tarrasque and Alex Johnson. He coughs and waves at the smoke around Alex.

Attendant: Excuse me, sir? You have to take that outside.

Alex glares at the attendant, but sighs.

Johnson: Fine, fine, fine. Tarrasque, you keep working out. Do the medicine ball next. I’ll be back in a few minutes.

Alex blows a cloud of smoke into the attendant’s face, causing the young man to cough, as he walks toward the exit. The attendant coughs, curses, and walks away. Tarrasque continues to work out until he’s certain that Alex Johnson has left the building. He places the barbell back upon its resting spot and sits up.

Tarrasque: Me am strong. Me am...capable. Me defeat Emperor of Wrestling.

Tarrasque’s eyes sort of glaze over as he once again plumbs deep into the Akashic Records for memories no longer recorded in his own ignorant mind.

A twelve year old Tarrasque is shoved into a cold room with blank stone walls. There is a circle painted onto the stone floor. He looks around at the shadows that seem to claim the walls in confusion.

Tarrasque: What’s going on? Why am I here? I want to go home!

A large man steps out of the shadows with a wide grin. He’s stripped to the waist and looks like a professional bodybuilder.

Man: Ahhh, Subject 21. Let’s see what you’re starting out with, baseline.

Tarrasque: Subject 21? Baseline? What are you talking about? I want my…

Man: Parents? They’re dead. Your sister too. I want you to attack me to see where the starting line is. You won’t be able to defeat me, of course, but try to make it a little fun for me?

Tarrasque doesn’t move a muscle toward or away from the man, staying rooted in place.

Tarrasque: I don’t want to attack you! I don’t understand what’s going on! Why aren’t I dead too?

The man chuckles, but it’s clear that he’s already getting angry.

Man: I lied when I said your sister was dead. I have her in another cell. I’ll let her free if you can defeat me.

Tarrasque: You said that I can’t defeat you!

Man: I did say that and so from here, I visit your sister. Oh the things I’m going to do to her. You might be able to hear her screaming for you to help her.

Tarrasque: NO! You’ll leave her alone!

Man: Then attack me. Or else...I plumb your sisters nethers with my fist!

Tarrasque charges at the man while screaming in rage. The man smiles and hits Tarrasque across the face with a backfist hard enough to send him to the concrete floor.

Man: That was your best? Come on now, Subject 21. You can do better. What will your sister say when I despoil her and let her know that you let it happen? Will you listen to her cursing your name?


Tarrasque stands up, blood trickling down the side of his face from where he was struck. He punches the man in the gut, knocking the wind out of him. Tarrasque puts his hands together like a double axe handle and hits a leaping uppercut with his hands doubled up like that that sends the man staggering backwards to the wall.

Man: What?

Tarrasque rams his head into the man’s crotch and lifts up to hit a back drop that sends the larger man flying through the air and landing flat on his back on the concrete floor. Tarrasque drops to his knees, placing a knee on the man’s throat.

Tarrasque: Free my sister!

The man presses up on Tarrasque’s leg to try to get a gasp of breath.

Man: I can’t...let me up!

Tarrasque: You said my sister was alive! You promised to let her go if I defeated you!

Tarrasque grinds his knee into the man’s throat with a growl.

Tarrasque: I defeated you. Where is my sister!

Man: She’s at your house...where I shot her in the head.

Tarrasque nearly releases pressure to the man’s throat. The man lied. They killed his parents and his sister.

Tarrasque: They want to know what I can do?

Man: No…

Tarrasque presses the man’s head to the side violently, breaking his neck. Tarrasque stands up as the man goes limp. He looks to the door where there is a grate/window.

Tarrasque: There! I showed you I’m strong. What do you want now?

The barrel of a gun is poked through the window and Tarrasque is shot by two tranq darts. Tarrasque’s eyes already go droopy and he collapses upon the dead man. Out cold.

Adult Tarrasque opens his eyes with a smile as he sees the irate Alex Johnson walking back into the building. He’ll be angry that Tarrasque hasn’t started with the medicine ball, but his concerns are like the barking of a tiny dog. Inconsequential.

No, Tarrasque smiles that even before they modified his mind and body to become a living weapon that he was still capable to defeating those thought to be undefeatable. Now that he is transformed? Caffrey doesn’t stand a chance.

Tarrasque: Me am strong!

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