Last Words

“You’re right of course.”

“Firestorm” Johnathan Mills is walking toward the gymnasium where he is to meet up with some sparring partners to help him get ready for his match with Wellington Dunne. Of course in the meantime, he’s sending text messages to the man about the recent promo seen on the XHF Network’s streaming service for AWF.

“I don’t know that Greg Adkins would do the same for me if our roles were reversed as it is true that he hasn’t known about me. I would hope that he would come to know me and that in time he would do the same for me as I will for him. His...our...father was the same way. Drug dealing, drug taking, heavy drinking, free with sex, and so on. His...our...father did change over the years into one that loved his family. Or at least those of his family that he knew about.”

Johnathan Mills continues to text, effortlessly dodging people and other obstacles despite the fact that he isn’t looking up from his smart phone in the slightest.

“As a matter of fact, Dunne. I am doing for you what I am doing for my brother. You think that I will forget your sacrifice once you lose to me? I will not. I understand that you look down upon me for my loyalty and ideals. I do. There are many who look down upon my ideals. The fact remains that I will win this match of ours and I will end Eric Dane. Heck, you can have the first title shot once I have claimed the US title from Eric Dane’s broken carcass. I don’t really care about the title. I want to claim vengeance. Vengeance for those harmed by Eric Dane’s dastardly tactics. This includes Johnny Sniper. May his recovery be swift and sure.”

Johnathan Mills stops in his tracks when he thinks about what he had agreed to when he had agreed to work for the Warhammer Corporation after this match with Dunne. His outlook on things might be a little different once he’s claimed his vengeance.

No, he will keep to his morals no matter what. He will defeat Dunne and destroy Eric Dane...or die trying.

Johnathan resumes walking, entering into the gymnasium by the front doors. He looks around until he sees four men standing by the ring in wrestling singlets. He recognizes them as the four men who pretended to attack Iliana Slater. He walks up to them with a smile.

Mills: I see you haven’t had enough of me from the other day?

He is greeted by a mixture of chuckles and hard glares.

Mills: Alright. I’m going to go change and be right out. Don’t hold back, alright? I need to defeat Dunne so I can move on to Eric Dane.

Johnathan heads towards the locker room so that he can change clothes, his phone out the entire time he’s walking.

“Alright. I don’t want there to be any hard feelings between us when I defeat you in the middle of the ring, because I will. I don’t want you to be sad when I destroy Eric Dane in the middle of the ring and take away his ability to walk ever again, because I will. I know where my values are and I understand that you share some of them. I understand that you share my strength of conviction. Just understand that I’m going to be the one winning our match. I have a man to break…”

It’s about ten minutes before Johnathan Mills comes out changed into a pair of wrestling trunks and swimming shirt. He rolls into the ring with one of the four Black Guard Shocktroopers.

Mills: What’s your name?

Guard: Kai Sutton.

Mills: No hard feelings from the other day?

Sutton: None. However, we were thinking that Eric Dane is offering all this money for broken bones and such. We have decided this would be a nice bit of drinking money.

Johnathan swallows hard as the other three men enter the ring, surrounding him.

Mills: This is totally unfair. I defeated you all before.

Sutton: You were meant to then. You aren’t now.

Mills: As you wish.

Johnathan throws himself backwards, elbowing one guard in the throat. He turns and throws another elbow to the nose of the next guard closest to him, shattering it. He kicks the next guard in the nuts and Sutton in the gut before hitting a cutter.

The next few minutes are a blur as Johnathan goes on the offensive to each guard as they recover, keeping them all at bay until they are all knocked out. He rolls out of the ring and heads to the locker room to get his smart phone where he sends a text to Iliana Slater.

“Your guys jumped me instead of working with me. I mean it was still a great work out, but I would have preferred them one at a time. Thanks.”

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