Back in the UOW Dimension at Ashland, Nerbraska at the Atalar Robotics factory. "God's Gift" Jeremiah Vastrix walks alongside General James Brattis and Edward Harrington as they look upon row upon row of finished Centurian class robots. Jeremiah looks at one up close, Edward watching nervously to ensure that Jeremiah doesn't ruin his work.

JEREMIAH VASTRIX: It's interesting to see that Atalar switch from battle suits to fully automated robots. Fewer lives at risk I suppose. These are going to be the robots to destroy the Blob?

Jeremiah reaches out to touch a Centurian, but Edward hastily deflects his hand.

EDWARD HARRINGTON: Yes. They are! Why are you here again? Atalar is owned by the US Government now.

Jeremiah pulls his hand back away from Edward with a smile, still looking at the Centurian.

JEREMIAH VASTRIX: Do you want to tell him, General, or shall I?

GENERAL BRATTIS: You enjoy talking more than I do. You do it.

Jeremiah looks to the General with a raised eyebrow, but otherwise says nothing to the man. He looks back to the Centurian, keeping close enough to the state of the art device to keep the technician-scientist nervous.

JEREMIAH VASTRIX: Hammer Industries is supporting this strike. I have a private army at my beck and call that I just can't simply fire so we are going to put them to good use. My Shocktroopers will follow your Centurians into battle to help ensure the job gets done. This Blob, thing, has to be destroyed.

The Blob, for those of you not in the know, is a piece of a Whale Carcass. A bit of whale blubber that has been the focus of worship for some time and has developed into an Earthbound God. It has been working toward taking over the world.

Edward looks like someone just pissed in his cereal. He huffs and puffs a bit, turning red in the face before he gets himself under control.

EDWARD HARRINGTON: Are you saying that my Centurians can't do the job? Why I neve-

Jeremiah motions Edward into silence, his cybernetic eyes flashing blue.

JEREMIAH VASTRIX: Don't get your panties in a bunch. This is just to make sure that the job gets done. This mission is still ninety percent up to your babies here, but my troops will be on hand in case something goes wrong. What if the Blob people have an EMP device like the one that shorted me out? Your whole army will go down like a weighted sack of kittens in the river. Why risk US military people when I have the manpower to back you up?

EDWARD HARRINGTON: My Centurians and the Eagle Eyes are shielded from EMP devices. You would have been shielded too if you had only let me do the work. You also wouldn't look quite so, human.

Jeremiah reaches up to touch his own very human like face. His eyes glow blue as he smiles.

JEREMIAH VASTRIX: I prefer to look human than to be shielded. Vanity I know, but someone has to look good.

EDWARD HARRINGTON: It's still getting all into my koolaid. You don't see me going into that other dimension to tell you how to win your wrestling match against Fukushima Zombie, do you?

JEREMIAH VASTRIX: Oh, if only you were less busy so you could advise me against Zombie. Not that you're qualified to give wrestling advice, or are you?

Edward looks to the floor for a moment before he shrugs with a grin.

EDWARD HARRINGTON: I like watching wrestling. I don't know how good I would be at actually advising how to do it.

JEREMIAH VASTRIX: Such a shame and I was getting ready to steal you away from Atalar Robotics if you could advise me.

EDWARD HARRINGTON: I would say for you to trust in your skills and the software for the tech system in your head. They won't steer you wrong. Also, I'm really busy here so you couldn't steal me away if you wanted to.

JEREMIAH VASTRIX: How are you getting these built so quickly? I didn't know that Atalar could staff two working factories.

EDWARD HARRINGTON: Well...the other one is being shut down as the line of battle suits is being ended. Everyone is transferring here and we are getting an influx of workers from the government.

Jeremiah looks at Edward curiously.

JEREMIAH VASTRIX: Influx of workers? I have been hearing of missing people down South. Valora would be very interested to hear about this if the President is stealing Mexicans…

GENERAL BRATTIS: America needs to have it's security defended. What's the rights of a few Mexicans when it concerns all of America? They'll be sent back to Mexico once their services are no longer required.

JEREMIAH VASTRIX: What about making them American citizens? What kind of salaries are they making?

General Brattis lights a cigarette, blowing smoke into the air before answering the question.

GENERAL BRATTIS: Mexicans sneaking through or around the wall to get into our country. It makes them criminals! Salary? Don't make me laugh! They are serving their time for breaking the law!

JEREMIAH VASTRIX: I'm going to pretend I didn't hear that or else I would be going right to Valora with that info. She'll bring it in front of a UOW audience and you will have an uprising on your hands. The government will have no choice but to impeach McStrump over keeping slaves in violation of the Constitution.

General Brattis chokes on his cigarette smoke, coughing and hacking for a few minutes before regaining control of himself.

GENERAL BRATTIS: Now see here! We don't take kindly to threats!

JEREMIAH VASTRIX: I said that I wasn't going to bring it up to Valora. Keep your panties untwisted, General. I think I have seen enough. Send me the details for the strike and we will get our troops into position to support you.

An hour later, Jeremiah Vastrix is at a hotel not far from the new factory. He closes his eyes and composes an email, detailing the fact that Mexicans are being detained and used for slave labor. He sends the email to a dummy account, sending the email to himself essentially. With Valora having her eyes on the public operations of Hammer Industries, this is an email that she won't be able to miss.

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