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The repeating numbers - Part 9 - It isn't a coincidence!

I keep seeing the numbers - 119 and 911, on a daily basis. All this started just one month before the end of 2018. So led by my quriosity, I decided to make a research on the matter. And It proved this isn't a coincidence at all. As you can see below the number is there - on the top of the results... In the 1st video particular, there isn't any valuable information, but I have found several others - very presice and reasonalbe, relative to the topic. The information in most of them, has much in common as a whole. Keep in mind that I am not the only one who sees that repetative numbers. If you are interested, see this short video to learn in and out....

Seeing repeated numbers everywhere - YouTube.png

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Anyway, in my case, here what I've figured-out...

On a personal level:

Number 1 (ONE) - it relates to creativity, and if you see it very often, you should start some (new) creative project;
Number 9 (NINE) - it relates to generosity, so you should be more generous (have compassion on) with other people and your time. More over you should be able to have a feeling of a "UNITY" with the world;
Number 911 (NINEHUNDREDANDELEVEN) - "occasionally" relates to love, compassion, generosity. It's to be able to form COMMUNITY. In other words, we all need to form a UNITY, and to serve ONE another with love and generosity.
So if you see these numbers repetativly, and read this lines - the message form the UNIVERSE to you, is that these are the missing elements in your life.
Number 11 (ELEVEN) - it is a MASTER number, so it relates to spirituality and duality (the two pillars), also with UNITY and BIRTH. On personal level you have to "take a break" from doing something. Instead you should go out in nature, on a vacation, on a walk, start to meditate. It shoud be considered as a "call for awakening".

On a universal level:

Number 911 (NINEHUNDREDANDELEVEN) - Angel number. It means old cycle ended, big changes will shift the whole world. Every aspect of our lives will be changed for the better. It will be an internal change - mindset, personality, etc. The Number 9 is related to the "old" changes, but 11 is about "fresh start", and new energy.
If you go thru tought times, while experience this number, do not fear. Your intuition and awareness will shift up. Pay attention to your energy. All negativity in your life shoud be left behind. Focus on your inner self. See what makes you happy and start learning new things.


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More reference videos for you to see: 1, 2, 3, 4

Feel free to share any thoughts about the topic in the comments. Do you have any similar experiences with repetative numbers?

Thank you for reading! Godspeed!

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