In the Laibach style [my entry to #self-portrait photo contest]

This is my entry to #self-portrait photo contest by @careassaktart.

A hot August day made my T-shirt a superflouos piece of clothing. I took it off and put on my head. So I gave myself old school Laibach style outlook. Actually, I have taken this to impress my girlfriend. But after I realized that all the others self-portraits of mine are skimble-skamble, I decided to share this one to the contest.


Taken using Huawei Y6.

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I like Laibach & your entry is funny! I'll see yet what to do with it till the end of the round. It's almost acceptable but I'm still not sure what to do with it or if it's good enough to be really, really accepted with all of my heart & mind...

22.08.2019 21:29

It's up to you.

22.08.2019 21:33