Jazz this

Hey everyone,

Today i wanted to share another song with everyone that has a bunch of different versions and they're all extremely different but all amazing.
This song was composed by Duke Ellington and Juan Tizol, first time preformed by Duke Ellignton. There's something really interesting, if you all enjoy the music search for Caravan from Duke Ellington and you will notice that every version is completely different from this one but they all beautiful.

First time i ever heard this song was from the movie "Whiplash" wich is a great movie and i do recomend everyone to watch, that movie actually got me into jazz, it's not that i didn't like it before its just that jazz its kinda rare where i live so its a type of music that was really really rare to hear, not even once a month i would say. This is the amazing Caravan version from whiplash sound track :

And for last i'm going to show you all a version of the song that got me quite suprised to hear it because its really different... but really pleasent, one night i just decided to start watching "Mad Men" and this song started playing and when i realized this was another version of caravan my mind blew up i would say, it's so amazingly composed, i'll let you all hear it, enjoy the song:

Hope you all have a great day.

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14.12.2019 16:15